Bottleneck Gallery Announces An Incredible Dual Artist Show: “Influences” Featuring All-New Work By Matt Ferguson & Marko Manev

The flyers alone have me wanting to book a flight to New York to see Bottleneck Gallery’s incredible upcoming show featuring 2 members of the “Original 8″ from the Poster Posse, Matt Ferguson and Marko Manev.

INFLUENCES_FLYERMatt Ferguson Announcement Card

Titled, “Influences” the exhibit will feature all new work from these two artistic aristocrats and from the looks of things, we are all in for a treat so start lining up your Poster Buddies now.

Here is what Mr Ferguson had to say about the show. “After a long brainstorming process we came up the idea of INFLUENCES. A show about the films and TV that made us who we are today. So my selection of art is all inspired by things I was obsessed with as a child. I used to love having themed birthdays and a lot of those movies factored heavily in that, either a specific film we would go see that I fell in love with or a toy I got that sparked my imagination. I remember vividly watching Jurassic Park when I was 10 and wanting to know how they did it, this led to a fascination with special effects and specifically Steven Spielberg films. I still have my “making of” book which had so much cool behind the scenes stuff in it. Anyway I realisied that ILM and Amblin were responsible for a sizable portion of the films I loved, it just boggled my mind how cool all that stuff was, and that’s what I wanted to do with this show… make art that made me remember how I felt watching those films.”

When I spoke to Matt he said he will have about 11 pieces in the show and even teased, “and maybe a couple of surprises.”

INFLUENCES_FLYER_MARKOMarko Manev announcement card

Stay tuned and we will start bringing you images once I can pry them from the artist’s grubby, paint smeared hands.


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