EXCLUSIVE First Look At Art For Bottleneck Gallery’s “Influences” Show Featuring Matt Ferguson & Marko Manev

BLURPPY EXCL TMLast week we clued you in on what looks to be another incredible show at Bottleneck Gallery in NYC.  The show is called “Influences” and features all-new work by two of the “Original 8” members of the Poster Posse, Matt Ferguson and Marko Manev.

INFLUENCES_FLYERToday we have the honor of showing you the first reveal from the show and…it’s pretty freakin’ spectacular.  The flyer was only a small piece of the whole print by Ferguson and now, you can view the entire print in all it’s Jurassic Glory.

JurassicPrak_FINAL“Jurassic Park” by Matt Ferguson

11″ X 24″ Giclee

Signed & Numbered edition of 40

40“? Surely this is a misprint…”40“?  (Maybe they left off a zero at the end or a 2 at the beginning?)  With only “40” of these prints being made I would venture to guess that these will NOT make it to the online drop, so if you want it, get to the show, find a PB, or start looking on ebay the following day because these are gonna go fast.  Matt will be AT the show you can tell him how much you love it AND complain that there are only “40” available!

Here are a couple of facts that you MAY not know about Jurassic Park:

  • Harrison Ford turned down the role of Dr Alan Grant
  • Spielberg famously lured acclaimed British director Sir Richard Attenborough, out of a 14-year acting retirement, and cast him as John Hammond. But Jurassic Park was actually the third film Spielberg had asked him to appear in.
  • Some other rather high profile directors were also interested in adapting the book into a movie included: James Cameron, Richard Donner, and Tim Burton. (Imagine how different the movie would have been with ANY of them at the helm.)
  • Jim Carrey auditioned for the part of Ian Malcolm (Goldblum nailed it though.)
  • Because of the long period needed for post-production, Spielberg’s good buddy, George Lucas took over the post-production responsibilities so that Spielberg could go to Europe to begin shooting Schindler’s List.
  • There was an actual reason why Malcolm wore all black and Hammond all white. It symbolized how diametrically opposed the two characters are.
  • The movie has a running time of 127 minutes – but only contains 15 minutes of actual dinosaur footage.

“After a long brainstorming process we came up the idea of INFLUENCES. A show about the films and TV that made us who we are today. So my selection of art is all inspired by things I was obsessed with as a child. I used to love having themed birthdays and a lot of those movies factored heavily in that, either a specific film we would go see that I fell in love with or a toy I got that sparked my imagination. I remember vividly watching Jurassic Park when I was 10 and wanting to know how they did it, this led to a fascination with special effects and specifically Steven Spielberg films. I still have my “making of” book which had so much cool behind the scenes stuff in it. Anyway I realized that ILM and Amblin were responsible for a sizable portion of the films I loved, it just boggled my mind how cool all that stuff was, and that’s what I wanted to do with this show… make art that made me remember how I felt watching those films.” – Matt Ferguson


We also get to share a full look at Marko Manev’s first reveal which is for a movie that blew my mind the first time I saw it.  Here is what Marko had to say about the upcoming exhibit:

I remember when I was a kid playing with my G.I.Joes, there were always two scenarios. One was that they were in a huge ship, without guns, trapped with an alien, the other was that they were in a jungle hunted by a predator that they couldn’t see. So doing a piece for ‘The Predator ‘really took me back to those days…

The rest of the pieces for the show will also be from some of my favorite movies from my childhood that had a huge impact on me… hence the title, “Influences”.

PredatorJust looking at this print I can hear the cool music and sound effects associated with the Predator…and it’s awesome.  Here are some facts about the movie you may not know:

  • If you look closely when the Predator is mimicking the soldiers with his language bar on the left, it cycles through skull and crossbones several times.
  • Sonny Landham, aka Billy, actually started his movie career in the adult film business
  • Jean Claude Van Damme was actually shot for several days as the part of the Predator in the original suit.  Due to technical difficulties, this suit was scrapped and Stan Winston was asked to design a whole new suit.

predator-original-design-van-damme-2Original Predator suit


  • The actor who replaced Jean Claude inside the suit was Kevin Peter Hall.  He stood at an impressive 7’2″.  Hall had a successful career in basketball before acting. He had already gained a reputation as a Monster actor by the time he was cast in Predator with starring roles as The Monster In The Closet from the movie of the same name and as Bigfoot in Harry And The Henderson’s. Hall reprised his role as the Predator in 1990′s Predator 2.  Hall can be seen at the end of the movie flying the Helicopter which comes to rescue Dutch.




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