LTD. Art Gallery George R.R. Martin Announce A Fantastic Upcoming Show: “Winter Is Coming”…

…and it can’t get her soon enough.  (The exhibit that is, bring on summer!)  LTD. Art Gallery is working with world renowned author George R.R. Martin to bring you a show of epic proportions.  Much like the books and TV show it represents, “Winter Is Coming” is going to be a feast for the eyes. Given the line up of talent involved,  it will also make your walls look infinitely better after all is said and done.

LTD-winter-is-coming-cardThe list of artists participating in this incredible show includes: Aaron Jasinski, Alexander Laccarino, AMOK, Augie Pagan, Barry Blankenship, Braden Duncan, Brian Rood, Bruce Yan, Camilla d’Errico, Carl Faulkner, Carolina Eade, Cody Vrosh, Conor Nolan, Craig Drake, Cris Griffin, David Kloc, Donato Giancola, Emiliz Tolibas, Guillame Morellec, Jae Drummond, Jarreau Wimberly, Jason Engle, Jen Zee, Jim Burns, Jonathan Bergeron, Jonathan Seright, Kali Ciesemier, Katie Wheeler, Lannie Pihajlic, Levi Hastings, Maj Askew, Marc Simonetti, Marco Cardonna, Mark Englert, Mark Evans, Marc Fishman, Meghan Stratman, Mick Minougue, Mike Moses, Nan Lawson, Nicolas Delort, Paul Ainsworth, Rhodora Jacob, Rich Werner, Ruel Pascual, Sam Bosma, Sam Wood, Sam Ho, Scott Campbell, Sean Closson, Siolo Thompson, Stacey Aoyama, Primary Hughes, Steve Thomas, Steven Daily,Ted Nasmith, Tim Anderson, Tim Doyle, Tom Kidd, Tomasz Jedruszek, Vikram Madan, Woodrow Hinton, and Yoann Boissonnet.  (insane right?)

RubyFord_previewThe Ruby Ford by Samuel “Sho” Ho

Rookery-Final“Rookery” by Timothy Anderson

As one could surmise, the show is inspired by Martin’s beloved series of epic fantasy novels, “A Song Of Ice And Fire.”  The opening reception takes place on Saturday, March 1st from 6 – 10 pm. If you can’t make it out for the gallery exhibit, there will be a special engagement showing of the art at Emerald City Comic Con, March 28th – 30th.

Bruce Yan Winter Is Coming1“Till Death” by Bruce Yan

5″ X 7″

Edition of 5

Laser engraved on thing birch plywood

Bruce Yan Winter Is Coming2

Mark-Englert-Fist-of-First-Men“Fist Of First Men” by Mark Englert

GID-englertGlow in the dark layer – Mark Englert

Cody Vrosh Daughter of the Kraken“Daughter Of The Kraken” by Cody Vrosh

Bg9c_HHCAAAGenK.jpg_large“Meera and Jojen” by Nan Lawson

The Wall Marc Simonetti“The Wall” by Marc Simonetti

Head over to the official FACEBOOK EVEN PAGE HERE to RSVP for what is sure to be one of THE shows of 2014.  Click the link below to see even more art and start finding poster buddies because this show is smothered in pure awesome.

Steve ThomasThe Hand’s Tourney – Steve Thomas

The King of Summers End Jason Engle“The King of Summers End” by Jason Engle

craig drake - Daenereys“Daenereys” by Craig Drake

taking_the_black Michael Moses“Taking the Black” by Michael Moses

quiet isle Nicolas Delort“Quiet Isle” by Nicolas Delort

DRAGONSTONE Marco Cardonna“Dragonstone” by Marco Cardonna

Season 4 of HBO’s GAME OF THRONES begins on my birthday, April 6th. If you don’t have HBO, this series is reason enough to order it!


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