Boiling Point Creative Group Takes Us Back To The 70’s & 80’s With Their Latest Sci-Fi Poster Series

Founded in 2002 and based out of El Segundo, CA, Boiling Point Creative Group is a full-service design firm that specializes in entertainment, sports, fashion, web, print and product design.

When they are not up to their eyeballs in client work they roll up their sleeves and embark on some pop culture inspired projects.  Such is the case with their latest sci-fi poster set.  We spoke to Joe Natoli from BPCG and here is what he had to say.

sci-fi-posters“We are a local design shop that in-between projects we work on art for whatever inspires us! We currently have a few complete lines that vary in genre. From toys to travel posters we look to create art by what inspires us! It’s our hope to create as many series as possible over the next few years to build up our catalog of work. Our newest line is dedicated to the Sci Fi Classics we grew up watching.”

BPC-Buck-RogersThe prints are available over on their STORE and can be purchased individually or as a set.  They measure 16″ X 24″ but if you need a DIFFERENT size, they can most likely get you taken care of as well.

BPC-Space-1999I was JUST talking to Poster Posse member Harlan Elam two days ago in regards to how much I loved this show.  The tone of it always freaked me out but I never missed an episode.  (Go watch them over on HULU!)

BPC-Black HoleThis was absolutely one of my all-time favorite Disney films.  I REALLY hope they can figure out the updated version and get it made sooner than LATER!  TRON: Legacy and Oblivions’s Joseph Kosinski is scheduled to direct.



“Friends?” …that’s not quite how I remember it…

BPC-Flash-GordonEverytime I see an image of Ming the Merciless or ANY image from this film I immediately hear the Queen theme song….”Flash a-ah, Savior of the Universe… Flash a-ah, He’ll save every one of us!” and so on and so on and so on.

BPC-Battlestar-galacticaNot only was this original series great but the remake was exceptional!  Looking at this I can hear the sound that they made as that red light went back and forth, back and forth….

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