EXCLUSIVE! Phase 2 Of Poster Posse’s Project #6 – Bryan Singer’s: “X-Men: Days of Future Past” Is X-ceptional

BLURPPY EXCL TMYou see what we did there with how we changed the word “exceptional?”  You get it right, “X”-men….”X”ceptional…ahhhh whatever.   All I know is that we are amped to show you Phase 2 of our latest Poster Posse Project, “X-men: Days Of Future Past.”

Whitesell-XMen-DOFPBen Whitesell

After seeing all the art from both phases, don’t even ask me which one is my favorite.  I”m like a proud Dad at the end of these projects and it would be like Archie Manning being asked, “Who is better, Peyton or Eli?”  It’s just not fair.

_orlando-arocena-xmenOrlando Arocena – Available to purchase HERE



_Orlando-arocena-xmen-variantHELLFIRE VARIANT

XMEN_18x24_SCREENPRINTPatrick Connan

XMEN DOFP_MAGNETO_DETAIL1XMEN DOFP_MAGNETO_DETAIL2XMEN DOFP_MAGNETO_DETAIL4Phase 2 offers art from Ben Whitesell, Patrick Connan, Harlan Elam, Daniel Shearn, Joe Vetoe, Tom Miatke, Matt Needle, Sharm Murugiah, Ben Mcleod, Andy Fairhurst, Ron Guyatt, Khoa Ho, Berkay Daglar, Fernando Reza, John Hughes, Orlando Arocena and Marie Bergeron.  (Another stellar group of amazing talent.)

xmen_MED john hughesJohn Hughes

DaysOfFutrePast-ElamHarlan Elam


XMEN POSTER-01Daniel Shearn

XMEN POSTER_VARIANT-01Daniel Shearn (Variant)

XMen-DOFP Final Orange v1Joe Vetoe

XMEN DOFP Close Up v1 XMEN DOFP Close Up v2 XMEN DOFP Close Up v3semi-final-xmen4Marie Bergeron

XMen_DOFP_MedTom Miatke



Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 10.57.54Sharm Murugiah

xmenBen Mcleod

X-MenRoguesGalleryNoText1500Andy Fairhurst

XMEN-Final ron guyattRon Guyatt (New Member)


xmenKhoa Ho


magneto_poster_web2Berkay Daglar

magneto_detail1 magneto_detail2 magneto_detail3

PrintFernando Reza


PrintPrintThat’s a wrap folks.  Poster Posse Project #6 is in the books and we are already looking towards #7!  “Thank you” to all the artists who participated in the project as well as ALL the members of the Poster Posse.  The groups diversity and positivity is truly an inspiration to what I do everyday.  I hope that these projects have exposed you to some amazing artists.  Click on their links and see more of what they do OUTSIDE the Poster Posse.  They each have some incredible stuff on their sites that deserves to be seen.

bryansingerOH!  AND MASSIVE PROPS TO DIRECTOR BRYAN SINGER for tweeting about our art and liking it enough to have it up on the wall in his editing room!  (IF THAT’S NOT COOL, I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS!  KUDDOS SIR!)


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8 Responses to EXCLUSIVE! Phase 2 Of Poster Posse’s Project #6 – Bryan Singer’s: “X-Men: Days of Future Past” Is X-ceptional

  1. Wow, that’s incredible ! It’s dope… 🙂


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