Turn Your Bathroom Into An Art Gallery With Custom Shower Curtains From Society 6

Hey, as a collector it’s hard to find wall space for all your prints.  Sure you can shuffle them around, dig stuff out of your flat file etc.. etc… but one place where most collectors WON’T place any of their favorite art is the bathroom.  Who wants to lose their favorite prints to water damage right?

ali-gulec‘Skull Town’ by Ali Gulec

-Andy-fairhurst shower‘Marvelous Eighteen’ by Andy Fairhurst

Well the folks at Society 6 have come up with a way for you to add some art to your bathroom and you will NEVER have to worry about water damage.  In fact….you can spray water all over it, day in and day out and it will always look awesome.  Society 6 has just announced shower curtains as part of their expanding “Living Department.”

ale-giorgini“Blade Runner” – Ale Giorgini

Here is what they had to say about this new offering:  As a team, we spend hundreds of hours reviewing, sampling, testing and tasting (least favorite step) new product ideas for your art. One of the most obvious ways to gauge what comes next is watching what people are buying. And our customers are letting us know, fairly loudly, that they’re hungry for more ways to festoon their homes with your work.

Which is why we’re very pleased to announce Shower Curtains as the newest arrival to our expanding Living department, for debatably the most important room in any home.

florey“The Engineer” by Florey

Made from 100% polyester and measuring 71 inches by 74 inches they feature a 12 button-hole top for simple hanging and easy care material which allows for machine wash and dry maintenance. (Rod, liner and hooks are not included.)

-al“Sea Rosette” by Laurie Spugnardi

There is some fantastic art on Society 6 that I would LOVE to have on a shower curtain.  Most notably is  Marie Bergeron’s “Brothers in Arms” and Andy Fairhurst’s ‘Boba Fettpiece!

Brothers In Arms by Marie Bergeron

andy-fairhurst-boba-fettNOTE TO ARTISTS: For those of you already selling Throw Pillows and Tote Bags on Society6, with an asset resolution of at least 6000px x 6000px, Shower Curtains have already been enabled for your Shop.


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