Filmmaker Andrew Stanton Shares The Clues Of Great Storytelling In His Fantastic TED TALKS Speech

Oscar winning filmmaker Andrew Stanton has been a major part of some of my favorite all-time movies.  Wall-E, the Toy Story trilogy,  Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc. are all insanely popular films and at their very core, the revolve around sensational stories.

Andrew StantonBack in 2012 Andrew did an outstanding TED TALKS down in Long Beach, CA and he discusses the art of storytelling and shares some of the clues on how to make it work.  He starts off with a great joke and drops an “F-bomb” that leaves the whole crowd laughing and then he starts….at the end. Stanton shares his personal ‘history of story’ and he does it by starting at the ending and working his way back to when he first began.

Part of Stanton’s speech was recently used in a one minute spot from Google, after the Oscars, that celebrates the gift and art of storytelling.  (Watch above)  Stanton cites that the singular most important part of storytelling is…”Make me care.”  He has done that time and time again with his Pixar films and to this day I still shed a tear at the end of Toy Story 3. (Don’t judge me because I’m sensitive!)

61Sit back and listen to Stanton’s story as he graciously shared it with the crowd back in 2012. You can follow Andrew Stanton on TWITTER.


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2 Responses to Filmmaker Andrew Stanton Shares The Clues Of Great Storytelling In His Fantastic TED TALKS Speech

  1. Great post! I love all those movies too, including John Carter, which I think didn’t get the attention it deserved. I had never watched this TED TALKS before so I appreciate you sharing it. It was great!


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