Dacosta’s Kickstarter Campaign: “March Of The Robots” Would Make Gort Proud

Dacosta Bayley is a self taught designer/ illustrator living in BEAUTIFUL Vancouver, Canada and he has an obsession with robots.  All shapes and sizes, it matters not.  If they are metal, and do fantastic things, he loves them.  He is taking this passion and creating something special with it in the form of a new book which he is launching through Kickstarter.

March-of-the-robots-dacosta“March of the Robots” is an art book project by Dacosta and as the name suggests, it’s all about…. well….robots.  Here is how he describes the book over on his KICKSTARTER PAGE:

march-of-the-robots-cover“March of the Robots” will be a softcover book at 80 pages, printed in the US in full color on art-quality paper measuring 7.75″ x 10”. Inside the book you’ll find all manner of robots, from super cute bots to action-ready mech. I hope to give you a look into my process, from rough pencil sketches to ink drawings to finished vector illustrations. The project also has a digital side which goes beyond the boundaries of traditional print by incorporating “augmented reality”.

march-of-the-robots-augmented-realityI’m collaborating with some stellar 3D modellers and animators from the film and gaming industries to make this feature awesome. Folks like Glen Southern, Scott Wetterschneider, Noel Rubin, Steve Talkowski aka Sketchbot and Roberto Oliveria. By downloading a free companion app, you will be able to view animated 3D models and other elements of select images through your smartphone or tablet cameras.

We briefly spoke to Dacosta about this project and his passion for it was blinding.  “Robots are SERIOUSLY AWESOME!!! They’re no longer relegated to being just fictional characters in comic books, cartoons and movies. Their going to be a very real part of our day to day lives.”

Mecha-Robo-Bunny2Year-of-the-Horse-2014As with all Kickstarter Campaigns, “March Of the Robots” has various pledge levels with some pretty fantastic rewards associated with each one.  You can get in on the ground level for only $15 or you can be an overachiever at the $200 level which is packed with awesome rewards.

Botober13-018Head over to Dacosta’s KICKSTARTER PAGE to learn more and be sure to tell them BLURPPY sent you.


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