Check Out All New Work By Martin Ansin And Kevin Tong For Mondo’s Upcoming Exhibit

ANsin and TongMondo has been on an absolute TEAR this year and their upcoming show is just one more “must-see” exhibit that will be emptying the pockets of many, having others scramble for PB’s and the rest of us HOPING that there is something left and then feverishly pounding our F5 key the day of the online drop.

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 8.07.33 AMMartin Ansin’s twin posters for ‘Flash Gordon’ (1980) and ‘Flash Gordon’s Trip to Mars’ (1938)

Ansin_comp_4_verge_super_wide‘Flash Gordon’ and ‘Flash Gordon’s Trip to Mars’ (color variant)

Now if you are new to the poster scene, all of that may not make much sense but for those of us who appreciate the brilliance of artists Martin Ansin and Kevin Tong, it is our battle plan for this Friday’s show at Mondo’s Austin, Texas gallery.  The show takes these two sensational artists and has them give fans their personal perspective on science fiction and fantasy films.

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 8.09.54 AMKevin Tong, ‘The Wizard of Oz’ (original and color variant)

Once again, Mondo has delivered a show with a tremendous amount of sensational prints, so much so that it’s hard to pick a favorite, ya gotta just get them all!  (Didn’t we JUST do that with Mondo’s Disney themed show, “Nothing’s Impossible”?)

Tong_Comp_1Kevin Tong’s new ‘Psycho’ poster, and the color variant for ‘Hannibal’

Ansin_comp_2_verge_super_wideMartin Ansin, ‘Prometheus’ (original and variant)

As is the case with all exhibits, these prints are just a taste of what’s to come, there will be much more to see.  That being said, this “bite” is so delicious I can’t WAIT for the buffet! (Sorry for the food reference, I’m a bit hungry and it is weighing on my mind!)

Tong_comp_3_verge_super_wide‘Aliens’ original and variant, by Kevin Tong

Ansin_comp_1_verge_super_wide‘Aliens’ original and variant, by Martin Ansin

The show opens on March 14 with an opening reception from 7pm – 10pm and the art will be up on the walls until April 10th.  The artists will be in attendance for the opening reception so stop by and have a brush with greatness, be sure to tell them BLURPPY said “HELLO”.  Follow these guys on TWITTER for more info:


Kevin Tong

Martin Ansin


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