Tracie Ching Announces Her Spectacular Mini-Solo Show With Galerie F Titled “Well Read”

Blurppy owes much gratitude to Tracie Ching.  She was the very first artist we reached out to when I started the blog and she was MORE than gracious with her time.  Since then, she WellRead1-228x331has been churning out one fantastic print after another.

On March 28th, Tracie will host a mini-solo show at Galerie F in Chicago called “Well Read.”  The show features Tracie’s personal interpretations of literary classics from various genres in traditional and contemporary mediums.  As an added bonus, a portion of the proceeds from the show will go to “Reading Is Fundamental,” the largest children’s literacy non-profit in the U.S.

Here is the official announcement:

“Well Read” investigates the relationship between contemporary films and the literary classics from which they are derived. In this body of work Tracie Ching explores different novels that have spawned successful film counterparts, creating her own interpretations which carefully adhere to their respective stories.

TChing-WizardofOzWEBThe Wonderful Wizard of Oz – metallic gold ink

DSC5615WEBThe show itself is a response to the use of source material and the effects that different visual representations have on them over time. Every representation, including Tracie’s, is a result of applying different filters to a piece of work that has become larger than the creator could have ever imagined. While the film industry may introduce aesthetic, thematic, or even plot changes, Tracie attempts to stay close to the original source material while applying aesthetics attributed to the time period of each novel.

TChing-WizardofOzVARIANTWEB The Wonderful Wizard of Oz – Variant, metallic gold ink

DSC5618WEBLimited edition silk screen prints accompanied by letterpress bookmarks and custom bound books will be available at the opening reception on Friday, March 28th. All remaining works will be posted in Galerie F’s online store the following week. A portion of all proceeds from the show will be donated to Reading is Fundamental, , the largest children’s literacy nonprofit in the United States (

TChing-GatsbyWEBThe Great Gatsby – metallic silver ink

DSC5608Each print in the show is produced by The Half & Half, and measures 18×24″.  Each of these exquisite  limited edition prints is hand signed and numbered by Tracie as well.

TChing-WOTWWEBThe War of the Worlds – fluorescent yellow ink, exclusive to KickStarter


TChing-WOTWVariantWEBThe War of the Worlds – Variant, metallic gold ink, exclusive to KickStarter

Tracie has taken her love of books to a whole new level by adding a sensational new layer to the show.  Well Read will feature custom bound books personally laid out and designed by the artist. This includes custom title pages, chapters, and dust covers. There will be two copies of the five literary classics addressed, each of their dust covers corresponding to the prints  in the show. Professionally bound, these one-of-a-kind hardcover books are hand signed and numbered 1 of 1.

TChing-WellReadBooks1TChing-WellReadBooks7TChing-WellReadBooks3In addition to these fantastic books (All of which I want on my BOOKSHEVES in my collection!) Tracie will also be offering custom, Letterpress bookmarks.  Well Read is pleased to present a set of five bookmarks featuring letterpressed quotes from each book addressed in the show with metallic gold ink. All will be hand signed and numbered. The first people to arrive at the opening will receive a free bookmark featuring a quote from a sixth ‘mystery title.’

TChing-Bookmarks1-1024x682DAMN IT I HATE SURPRISES!  “Sixth MYSTERY title?”  Come ON!  I live in California!  I would LOVE to go to the show and find out just WHAT this mystery title is but, like many of you, I will have to wait and see.  (My guess, Jules Verne – “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.”  What do YOU think it will be. “Grapes of Wrath”, “Citizen Kane”, “War and Peace”?)

Tracie Ching BannerAs you can clearly see this will be a sensational show and BLURPPY is extremely pleased to be able to share this preview with you.  Start getting your PB’s for this show because as you can see, there is a whole lot of awesome to be had!  Follow Tracie Ching on TWITTER for updates about this and other upcoming projects.  You should also follow GALERIE F on Twitter for info about upcoming shows and events.


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