Graham Erwin’s Nightmare Before Christmas AP’s From Mondo’s “Nothing’s Impossible” Show Go On Sale TODAY, 3/13/14!

After the MASSIVE success of Mondo’s Disney themed show, “Nothing’s Impossible” one of my favorite offerings is going BACK on sale today.  That is to say that the AP’s for these prints are going on sale and they are the insanely desirable, “Lock, Shock and Barrel – Nightmare Before Christmas” prints by Mr. Graham Erwin.

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 11.00.27 PMThe new prints are companion pieces to his “Mayor” set from back in 2012.  (Don’t even get me STARTED on how fantastic THESE two are!  There are days when I look over at my wall and simply marvel at how sensational they are.)

Graham Erwin the MayorGraham will be offering the “Lock, Shock and Barrel” AP prints at his ETSY shop.  They will go onsale sometime between 12 – 1 pm EST.  Mondo has sold out of the originals so these AP’s are your last shot at getting you hands on them unless you want to brave the cold, choppy waters of EBAY.

NBC_2Nightmare Before Christmas / Lock Shock and Barrel” by Graham Erwin

6 color screen print on 100# French Paper

12″ x 36″

Signed not numbered (due to contract)

On sale 3/13/14 between 12p-1p est

Main artwork (masks off) – $60

Variant artwork (masks on) – $80

As an added bonus, since they are coming from the man himself, these will be the ONLY signed copies out there!  (Due to contract obligations Graham is not allowed to discuss how MANY there are in the run so they will NOT be numbered but rest assured, there is an extremely limited amount of these.)

PLEASE NOTE, limit 1 regular and 1 variant poster per customer (in other words, you may purchase one regular, one variant, or BOTH, but NO multiples).  Any orders of multiples will be cancelled.

Now, as a “Thank you” to me for informing you of these prints I would appreciate if ALL of you waited until I got MINE before you started bombarding his ETSY page.  I shall be feverishly be pounding away on my F5 key, refreshing like a maniac in the hopes that I can add BOTH of these to my collection.

Follow Graham on TWITTER and check out his WEBSITE to see his impressive portfolio.  Good luck people…..actually good luck AFTER I secure mine!


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