Peter Gutierrez Obsession With Monsters & Robots is Mezmerizing! Check Out His Sensational “Skinmetal Series”

Poster Posse member Peter Gutierrez has just released an insanely awesome series of art peter-gutierrez-logocalled “The Skinmetal Series.”  Intricately detailed, this series isn’t your average monster, robot montage.  Peter has put a lot of time and thought into this series with compositions in Chinese, Japanese, Medieval Runes, French, Spanish, Greek, and Latin as well as quotes from The Bible, from Hymns, and type relating to Bushido and the Seven Cardinal Virtues.

We spoke with Peter about the series and here is what he had to say about the project and each piece.

How did the Skinmetal series come about?

Junior year of college, all my friends had signed up for a class that made them draw dragons and robots for the first assignments. Not going to lie, I was a little jealous, but then thought “I don’t need homework to tell me to draw that stuff, I can do it on my own!” And so began my self-assigned project that took around 8 months to complete.

 Will it be available for fans to purchase?

Yes, they are in very limited quantities though, like 10 or less right now. But yes, the few that are left will go online Friday, Mar 14.  (CLICK HERE)

Will there be future additions to the series?

Not this version of the series, but for in a future series, definitely. I would consider this as the prototype of something bigger.

PGUTIERREZ_SKINMETAL_0101: METAL EMBER The first idea that came to me was a robotic, serpentine, Chinese dragon. Architecture played a big role inspiring the overall design of this poster. This poster has a twin. It’s sort of funny, but in my first attempt printing it, I had accidentally set my film backwards (for both screens, luckily). – PG


Gothic Pelican02: PELICANUS GOTHICUS – The gothic pelican. Growing up in a Catholic household, I came in contact with a lot of icons and religious texts. The icon of the pelican piercing its heart to feed blood to its chicks I found both striking and interesting, plus adding an excerpt of a hymn in Latin makes it that much more mystical for me. There was something about having a giant mechanical bird that looked like something out of a gothic church, with stained glass for eyes, that I found to be a lot of fun. – PG


“…one drop to free the world of its sins.”

Print03: APOTROPAIC GROTESK – My head was still thinking about stained glass, gears, clock parts, bell towers, and gargoyles on churches. Plus, I had this creepy bird-man that I had drawn a few times that I wanted to draw again. – PG


PGUTIERREZ_SKINMETAL_0404: MISSILE BREATH – Missile Breath’s design was something I had in my head for a while, but for another project that I scrapped for Skinmetal. I put my last name on all the posters, I enjoyed implementing it in this one the most. Missile Breath is ridiculous and unapologetic.


PGUTIERREZ_SKINMETAL_0505: KUWAGATAMUSHI – Brutalist architecture in Odaiba was a big influence for this piece. I’ve always loved beetles, they’re like bug-tanks, so I had to draw one in this series – PG

PGUTIERREZ_SKINMETAL_0606: AGUILA DORADA – The gold eagle, one of the few I used Photoshop for, to give it some texture in the sky. – PG

ThePrince - Bottom07: THE PRINCE – A year before, I had drawn a robot spider, with some typography playing with perspective. Xysticus is the genus for the ground crab spider, hence why it’s coming out from the ground. As to why its called The Prince, it’s an allusion for Le Princesse, a live show that involved a giant mechanical spider, who now lives on the side of a building. – PG



KrakenRS08: THE KRAKEN – The Skinmetal Series turned in to a bit of a cultural and historical project for me. For The Kraken, I looked to Nordic architecture and designs, mythology, and played on Latinized Runes for the typography. – PG

TorpedoShark09: DREADNAUGHT SHARK – If I was going to oceanic territory with Skinmetal, then I would have to do a shark, and the shark would have to be real mean. – PG

Print10: THE SAMURAI – Playing with Japanese type and integrating it with English was a fun puzzle. The typography shows the principles of Bushi-Do (Way of the Warrior). Took part of this poster and turned into a t-shirt (something I plan to do with probably all of these). – PG

Print11. LE CHEVALIER – I thought it was an interesting parallel between Le Chevalier (The Knight) and The Samurai. Both are warriors, both with a list of virtues to abide by. In this case, it’s The Seven Cardinal Virtues. I think going to UCF, who has a golden knight for a mascot, may have influenced the color of this piece. – PG

TheHunter12: THE HUNTER – I’ve been drawing this guy since high school. It all happened when someone stole part of one of my senior art projects. I drew this guy with “HUNT THEM DOWN” written underneath. While sketching him out for this poster, I noticed that I was drawing a skinnier Missile Breath, with Metal Ember’s head and tentacles like the Kraken. That surprised me a little. – PG


Print13: MURCIELAGO – I had another poster in mind, but this idea for a Gundam-esque vampiric robot was more interesting, so I scrapped the previous concept (or else I would never finish, I had to cap Skinmetal). – PG

Angelus14: ANGELUS – Another one of those ideas that was floating in my head, a floating copper suit of armor that lightly resembled a Roman Centurion. When making the background, I was learning about the Book of Kells for a class, that was a big influence. This one (and UNUM), I printed with metallic inks. – PG

 “…at that time… everyone who is found written in the book will be rescued.”


DEUM01815: UNUM – The all-seeing eye.  This one I went heavier on the Photoshop, I wanted to get a cosmic and ethereal feel, of this mechanical being, holding a mechanical universe. – PG

“…In their hands they shall bear you up: lest you dash your foot against a stone…”

 As you can see, an intense amount of work and research went into this series and the collection, despite it’s immense size, is incredibly strong from start to finish.  Here are some closing words from Peter about the project:

X_SHOWFor Skinmetal, it was important that I make each poster the best it could be.  A poster was done when I had no more ideas of what I could do with it.  Now after two years of having completed the series, I see areas in which it could be improved.  “Is there a story behind these, are they from something?” is a question I often got for these.  Initially the answer was always “nope!’, but a reconfiguration of Skinmetal is something I have in the works.  While the whole story is still being hashed out, you will find concept sketches, and a few story ideas on my Instagram –  @graphicblack. 

HUGE props to Peter for working with us on this feature.  We love the series and after hearing more about it, from his perspective, it’s pretty obvious that Peter is all in as well.  Follow Peter on TWITTER to stay up to date with his world.  You can also follow him on INSTAGRAM to see a bunch of great sketches of the Skinmetal series as well. Of course, be on the lookout because he always brings ‘awesome’ to the Poster Posse Projects.


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