EXCLUSIVE: Tracie Ching Reveals Another Book/ Print From Her Upcoming Solo Show “Well Read” At Galerie F

BLURPPY-EXCLUSIVELast week we gave you an in depth look at an incredible solo show by D.C. artist Tracie Ching called “Well Read.”  The show will be in Chicago with the folks from Galerie F and today Tracie has allowed us to give you an exclusive look at yet one more book and print from the show.

Tracie has selected British author, Mary Shelley’s 1818 masterpiece, “Frankenstein”, to be part of her offering and the images and book are as gorgeous as the rest of the pieces.  We asked Tracie a couple of questions about the project and here is what she had to say.

TChing-FrankensteinWEB“Frankenstein” by Tracie Ching

Regular Edition

TChing-FrankensteinVariantWEB“Frankenstein” by Tracie Ching

Variant Edition with metallic inks

_DSC5599Where did the idea for this show come from?

I come from a big reading family which fostered a penchant for rummaging through various relatives libraries, preparing for in-school Scholastic book fairs, and spending many hot summer days hidden somewhere in the air conditioned public library. Well before I got into television or movies my favorite characters and stories came from books. Through the years I steadily worked my way from children’s to young adult and beyond to my current reading lists. This is why, when Galerie F approached me to do a mini-show, I landed on books. Because I had gained so much from early exposure to reading I also wanted the show to be an opportunity to give back, hence the involvement of Reading is Fundamental.

TChing-WizardofOzVARIANTWEB How did you choose the books that you used for inspiration?

The main goal was to tackle different genres. Well Read will represent Adventure, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, and the bonus print given to the first people to arrive at the opening is based on Mystery. I also had to make sure all titles addressed in the show were public domain due to the printing of the custom bound book.


Will we see more from you in regards to art based off classic books?

If the interest is there I would LOVE to do more, especially if it means creating more custom books. Not many know this but I majored in sculpture and mixed media. Through some twisty turns and dips in life I ended up doing a lot of digital work and it’s wonderful to feel the edges and weight of something I created again.

If so, which books/ stories would you like to tackle?

JULES VERNE. There was a lot of deliberation on whether or not to include Verne in the Well Read roster but for a number of reasons I chose not to, but I haven’t forgotten him. No…. no, I haven’t…


From the books you have chosen, which story is your favorite and why?

Previous to rereading all the titles for the show I would have answered you differently but now my answer is resoundingly ‘The Great Gatsby.’ I hadn’t picked up Gatsby since high school but reading it again at this particular point in my life allowed an entirely new perspective on the characters and missed nuances. It really struck a chord and I now have this new and wholly unexpected appreciation for the book, and that is what is so marvelous about them. Even if you think you know what’s coming, there very well might be a surprise on the other side of the page. 


What else do you have lined up for the rest of 2014?

I have a very full schedule this year. In the immediate future fans will be seeing collaborations between myself and Grey Matter Art, as well as Peppermint Posters, both WellRead1-228x331of which I am very excited for. There are also a ton of amazing shows hosted by gallery favorites. I’m not at liberty to spill the beans but fans will not be disappointed. 

Damn it, this is going to be a sensational show and BLURPPY is extremely pleased to be able to share this preview with you. (I only wish it was closer so I could go!)  Follow Tracie Ching on TWITTER for updates about this and the other upcoming projects she mentioned.  You can also follow GALERIE F on Twitter for info about upcoming shows and events.

Huge thanks to Tracie for letting BLURPPY share “Frankenstein” with the masses and we wish her massive success with this show as well as future endeavors.   Stay tuned because we will be bringing you more from this “lover of bacon” as it happens.

Tracie Ching Banner


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