EXCLUSIVE: Poster Posse Project #7 Releases The RAGE With Phase 2 Of Our Art Project For “GODZILLA”

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 11.05.39 AMWell yesterday we launched Phase 1 for Poster Posse Project #7 and it absolutely BLEW UP!  Huge thanks to all the fans and sites that jumped in, commented and shared the first phase of the project!  Today we are following it up with Phase 2 and we are confident that it will scramble your brains just as much as the first offering did.

GODZILLA_DETAIL_3This time out we are sharing art from a slew of gifted gurus including: Patrick Connan, Ron Guyatt, Chris Skinner, Daniel Nash, Robert Bruno, Luke Butland, Marie Bergeron, Marko Manev, Sharm Murugiah, Matt Needle, Salvador Anguiano, Samuel Ho, Adam Rabalais, Harlan Elam, Fernando Reza, Oli Riches, Arian Noveir, Rich Davies, Ben Mcleod, Khoa Ho, Rhys James, Rodolfo Reyes, Joe Vetoe, Chad Woodward and Juan Hugo Martinez

GODZILLA_1 Patrick ConnanPatrick Connan – France



Ron Guyatt – Canada

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 1.36.50 AM Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 1.37.27 AMRon Guyatt detail images

Rbruno_PP7_GodzillaRobert Bruno – U.S.A. ‘When approaching such a large-scale film like Godzilla, I knew I wanted to think outside the box and come up with a fresh approach. This is admittedly a final color comp rather then a final poster, though I’m happy with the overall concept. I thought it would be interesting to show the aftermath of a Godzilla attack, rather then a primary image of Godzilla himself. The large-scale destruction can give you a chilling idea of the power and destructive capability of the monster while keeping the elements of mystery and suspense intact. Enjoy!’ – RB

PP-ChrisSkinner-Godzilla-2014Chris Skinner – U.K.

PP-ChrisSkinner-Godzilla-2014-DetailsChris Skinner details

luke-butland-godzillaLuke Butland – U.K.

Godzilla_Full_ScreenTom Miatke – Australia

1Tom Miatke detail

Godzilla Visual Small - Dan NashDaniel Nash – England   AVAILABLE HERE

GODZILLA_2Patrick Connan– Blue Rage Variant

godzilla[2]Marie Bergeron – Canada    AVAILABLE HERE

ゴジラMarko Manev – U.S.A.

PrintOli Riches – London

PrintOli Riches detail

Sharm_Godzilla_A4Sharm Murugiah – London

Godzilla-Sea1500Andy Fairhurst – “We’re Going To Need A Bigger Boat” Variant

GODZILLA[1]Matt Needle – U.K.

salvador-anguiano-1Salvador Anguiano – Mexico

GODZILLA_3Patrick Connan – Orange Blast Variant

GodzillaSamuelHoSamuel Ho – Canada

Godzilla_Textures18x24Harlan Elam – U.S.A.

godzilla3Khoa Ho – U.S.A.



Adam_Rabalais-GodzillaAdam Rabalais – U.S.A.

Godzilla_splatter_800Arian Noveir – France

Godzilla POSTER 1 SMALLRich Davies – U.K.

godzillapocalypse2Ben Mcleod – England

godzilla2Khoa Ho – U.S.A.

godzillaFernando Reza – U.S.A.

GODZILLA_rhys-jamesRhys James – Australia

godzillaPPRodolfo Reyes – Mexico

PPP #7 PreviewJoe Vetoe – U.S.A.

GODZILLA ; JHMJuan Hugo Martinez – U.S.A.

chad-woodward-variantChad Woodward – Orange Crush variant – U.K.

Godzilla_minimal_1000Arian Noveir – France

Sharm_Godzilla_A4v2Sharm Murugiah – AMERICAN VARIANT – London

SteelBookSharm Murugiah STEELBOOK CONCEPT

salvador-anguiano-2Salvador Anguiano – GREEN MEANIE VARIANT – Mexico

Godzilla POSTER 2 SMALLRich Davies – U.K.

GODZILLA_SPECIAL_12x36Patrick Connan – IN YOUR FACE 12 X 36 Variant!

GODZILLA_DETAIL_5GODZILLA_DETAIL_6 GODZILLA_DETAIL_7THEEEEEEERE you have it.  Two days of monster mayhem from the Poster Posse!  As always, PLEASE let us know which ones are your favorites down in the comments section below and click on the links to each and every artists from BOTH phases to see all the rest of their incredible work in their amazing portfolios.

“Godzilla” will be destroying theaters everywhere on May 16th, 2014.  Check out the OFFICIAL WEBSITE OFFICIAL TWITTER or the OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE for updates and info.

Stay tuned, the Poster Posse has a summer FULL of reveals coming your way along with some very special awesomeness in the near future.  It’s so good I’m not even going to tease it but trust me, you won’t want to miss it.  Follow the Poster Posse on TWITTER to stay in the loop.



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44 Responses to EXCLUSIVE: Poster Posse Project #7 Releases The RAGE With Phase 2 Of Our Art Project For “GODZILLA”

  1. Can’t. Take. The. Awesomeness!!!! Wow. Definitely in 7th heaven with the 7th PPP. More devastating than a big mutated lizard stomping around a city!!!! Kudos to all the artists and looking forward to #8.


  2. Ken Meisch says:

    Where are they getting the source material for all of these?


    • blurppy says:

      We scoured the internet and came up with these concepts based off what was found combined with the power…..of the mind….. Thanks for checking it out.


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  5. Tyler Brooks says:

    Please let these artists put these up on redbubble.com so that way i can buy a shirt!


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  7. Lee says:

    stunning images, I would love to own all of the phase 2!


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  11. Brian says:

    These artists are beasts.. are they paid for this? How are they motivated to do such awesome stuff?


    • blurppy says:

      LOTS and LOTS of talent in this group. These projects are not licensed by the studios but they do get the artists other jobs. It’s a fantastic way for them to share their art and talent.


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  15. mikebilla says:

    Where can I get one of these? I have a wall that could use a Godzilla


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  22. super, love all of them


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  24. Le3ch says:

    Absolutely Amazing!


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  30. hulksmash54 says:

    Is there anywhere I could buy prints of these?


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