Fringe Focus Gives Us An Anti Spy Device That’s Infinitely Better Than ANYTHING We Got From The Backs Of Comic Books When We Were Growing Up

Remember reading comics as a kid and then in the middle or back of the book there were xrayadds where you could buy sea horses, x-ray specs, or even get a book by Charles Atlas that stated, “Let me PROVE I can make you a new man!”  Well all of those things were awesome on the printed page but when you actually got them….they were lack luster at best.

The glasses DIDN’T let you see through girls sweaters, (let’s be honest guys, that is EXACTLY why we ordered them) the Sea horses died after a day and Charles Atlas promise was never fulfilled.  Well artist Rob Loukota has something that could EASILY be in one of those ads.  The difference being, it’s REALLY cool in person (and there is an F-bomb on it.)

Rob is “an artist, designer, and illustrator in Chicago.  Fringe Focus, Inc is his one-man creative factory of fantastic goods.”  He works with various materials and comes up with some pretty sensational stuff.  The Kickstarter campaign for his ACME Corporation print was the SECOND most successful graphic design project on their site raising over $105K.  (FYI, that’s a LOT of posters.)

ACMECorporationPoster_1000x1500_FringeFocus-580x869We were instantly intrigued and drawn to something else though.  Being a huge fan of Brad Meltzer’s work, Illuminati stuff, secret codes, etc. we instantly fell in love with his Anti-Spy Disc Secret Decoder.


This little gem was designed AND created in one day as part of Rob’s “MAKE DAY” project. Here is the quick breakdown from Rob of how it went:

~11am – 12pm: You give me your thoughts, ideas, wishes on Twitter & Facebook

~12pm-2pm: I plan, sketch and design all the pieces needed.


~2pm-4pm: I go buy materials from the hardware store / art store.

~4pm-8pm: Make time! Use whatever tools necessary in the Fringe Focus workshop to make the thing.

~8pm: Thing we made goes into the store and you can get one!

To make things even better Rob goes out of his way to source as many materials & tools as possible from the States. Renewable American wood, American paper made from 100% hydroelectric power, even my shipping materials are made here. Half of that is to lessen Fringe Focus’s environmental impact, and half is to support local small businesses (and other independent artists).

rob loukotka profile picWe now are the proud owners of Rob’s Anti-Spy Disc Secret Decoder and we couldn’t be happier!  Here is what we really think about it: OT  WGC99CL9  MD5T  CX!  (Place the inner A on the OUTER B, then use the inner wheel to decipher.)  Head on over to Rob’s WEBSITE to see all the amazing stuff he has to offer.  He has some fantastic Nightmare Before Christmas prints, Dinosaur fossil bookends, and a bunch of other things that will have you reaching for your wallets.

Be sure to sign up for Rob’s newsletter so you can be “in the know” when he announces new things.  We are EAGERLY awaiting his NEXT Make Day project.


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