Joshua Budich Has The Munchies For Gallery 1988’s Exhibit: “The Subtle Art Of Pop Culture”

Joshua Budich is an artist who lives smack dab in the middle of pop culture.  His art has successfully tackled the topic over and over again so it should be no surprise that he is one of the many talented artists that will be participating at Gallery 1988’s “The Subtle Art Of Pop Culture” exhibit.

g19881For 10 years now Gallery 1988 has been sharing some of the most incredible pop culture art around and given the roster for this show, it should be one of their best exhibits, on par with their highly successful “Crazy For Cult” series.

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 11.34.58 AMThis time around Joshua musta had a hankering… a hankering for food.  He has managed to take the munchies and pair that with famous food from pop culture in an awesome series of prints.

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 11.35.21 AMJoshua has taken 12 iconic food offering from film, animation and TV and come up with a simple, wonderful offering for the show. Star Wars, Breaking Bad, Lost and other references are brilliantly portrayed in Joshua’s signature style.

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 11.35.37 AMEach print is a 5-color, 6″x6″ screenprint on French 100lb Madero Beach paper. They’ll be just $10 each which makes them one of the BEST deals at the show.  Follow Joshua on TWITTER for updates on upcoming projects and releases.  While you are at it, follow Gallery 1988 on TWITTER and head over to their event PAGE ON FACEBOOK to RSVP for what is sure to be an amazing show.

JoshuaBudich_FictionalFood-Preview1. “Oh, my porridge is too hot! Oh, wawawa!” (Insanity Pepper, The Simpsons)
2. “Together at Last!” (Nuts & Gum, The Simpsons)
3. “Precious Venus” (Gummi DeMilo, The Simpsons)
4. “Great twin-suns mornings start with milk!” (Bantha Milk, Star Wars)
5. “Cold banana in delicious brown treat.” (Frozen Banana, Arrested Development)
6. “Funyuns are awesome!” (Funyuns, Breaking Bad)
7. “Ahhh, Dessert.” (Chilled Monkey Brains, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom)
8. “You Can’t Drink Just Six.” (Slusho, Cloverfield/Bad Robot Easter-egg)
9. “Skeletor seems to like it. Bottoms up! ” (Dharma Initiative Beer, LOST)
10. “For children with very little pocket money.” (Everlasting Gobstopper, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory)
11. “If you don’t eat food from this world, you’ll disappear.” (Sakuma Drops, Spirited Away)
12. “Damn fine cup of coffee.” (Black coffee & cherry pie, Twin Peaks)


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2 Responses to Joshua Budich Has The Munchies For Gallery 1988’s Exhibit: “The Subtle Art Of Pop Culture”

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  2. Steven Finch, Attorney at Law says:

    Uh, I get that they were referenced in a show, but he does know that Funyuns are a real product, right?


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