Travel Back In Time With “Beautiful Colors,” A Unique, Unprecedented Look At One Of Rock’s Most Influential Groups, Duran Duran

I think it’s safe to say that we are all passionate about SOMETHING. Some of us are passionate about books while others are passionate about movies and others find passion in their appreciation surfing on a balmy summer’s day.  Well there is no denying the passion of Andy Golub, AKA “Durandy.

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 9.54.10 PM

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 10.18.18 PM“Andy sitting amongst the uncut pages of “Beautiful Colors”

Since the age of 12 , Andy has been passionate about the highly influential, British rock group, Duran Duran.  Duran Duran began back in 1978 and have left their indelible mark on music in more ways than one.  They have managed to stay relevant thru multiple decades amongst generations of fans. Whether it was their forward fashion sense, their sensational global performances, or their ground-breaking music videos, Duran Duran has been on the cutting edge of just about everything associated with the group.

We asked Andy what HIS favorite poster was and here is what he had to say.

I am often asked what my favorite poster is from the book, and few questions can feel more difficult to answer. Every page offers up fresh pride and joy, but the first chapter is probably the one that still takes my breath away. I never expected to have so many treasures from the band’s earliest years, when Duran Duran were still cementing their lineup, testing material in small clubs, and refining their look and sound. These are the posters that have produced the most memorable reactions from John Taylor and Nick Rhodes, so rich with history and foreshadowing. It is a most satisfying achievement to have mementos from when Duran Duran were piled into a van, traveling to support Hazel O’Connor on her tour in 1980. The band were just getting a taste of things to come.

Duran Duran 1980Posters like this promo from the Rum Runner, a club owned by the band’s managers where Duran Duran took up residence and rehearsed, provide the foundation on which the rest of my book stands. The careful attention John and Nick invested in every detail of their band’s look and sound gave Duran Duran its integrity. The posters paint a portrait of a group assembled out of a pure love for music, operated with an unwavering vision for success, and dedicated to creating its own blend of sophisticated style and sound. 

Duran Duran 1981Signed Gig Poster –  1981

Andy has put together a fantastic book that documents and chronicles the band’s rise to fame in a rather unique way.  See, Andy’s book features rare, popular, and highly sought after posters of the band, all from his personal collection.  This isn’t just ANY collection either.  Andy has amassed, what is considered by most, to be the world’s greatest collection of Duran Duran related posters.

PO_DD_1981_025(web)Rare Japanese Poster – 1981

PO_DD_1982_010(web)French Gig Poster – 1982

The book is called “Beautiful Colors: The Posters Of Duran Duran” and comes in at 260 pages, measures 13.2 x 9.6 x 1.6 inches and contains over 540 stunning images throughout.  The book and photos are broken down by album release which is a fantastic way for fans to check out the band from their early beginnings and follow them through their meteoric rise right up to current day.

PO_DD_1982_019(web)Tour Poster – 1982

Duran Duran Beautiful ColorsHere is a picture of Duran Duran checking some of  Andy’s posters before a show.

Andy’s collection has earned the respect of the band who have even gone so far as to call the book “magnificent.”  After seeing some of the art/ posters within, I’d have to agree with them.  The book features a foreword by Duran Duran’s keyboardist, Nick Rhodes and photography from Andy’s fiance, Christine Born.

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 11.21.35 PMSample Pages From “Beautiful Colors: The Posters of Duran Duran”

Everything about this band is iconic and their music has absolutely stood the test of time.  It’s nearly impossible to pick favorite songs given their vast assortment of hits but for me, “The Chauffeur” and “Palomino” stand out.  Each one instantly takes me back to my youth and I find myself getting lost in their brilliance each and every time I hear then, even after all these years.

“Beautiful Colors: The Posters of Duran Duran” is a visual feast for fans and will have you firing up your turntables and dusting off your old album collections as you go down memory lane with Andy and the Fab 5.  Huge thanks to Andy for sharing his passion with us and to the band for the countless memories and moments of rapture throughout the years.

Click HERE to head over to AMAZON for more info on how to get the book and click HERE to listen to Andy talk about the book with his local radio station, KIRO.  Check out his FACEBOOK page HERE. You can follow DURAN DURAN on TWITTER or head over to their WEBSITE for more info about upcoming shows and projects.


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  1. Marley says:

    Great post. Of course, now I have spent the past hour watching Duran Duran videos on youtube.


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