Matt Ferguson Enters The Gig Poster Game With A Wonderful First Outing For Josh Doyle

We all know and LOVE Matt’s diverse portfolio of pop culture inspired prints.  His work for Marvel’s Cinematic Universe box set is spectacular and he is just coming off a successful timed edition release from the past weekend.

yw_printMatt Ferguson Timed Edition – Did you get yours?

GODZILLAweb[1]Matt’s Offering For The Latest POSTER POSSE PROJECT

One area Matt HASN’T explored is the world of GIG POSTERS so when he introduced his FIRST gig print, it’s something worth sharing.  The print is for Josh Doyle, a British-American singer-songwriter and musician best known as a solo performer as well as being the frontman of UK rock group Dum Dums.  Josh shared the image today along with some words about the print.  Here is what he had to say.

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 10.56.24 AMOk, this is awesome!

The talented and revered UK graphic artist Matt Ferguson Cakes and Comics has made an official collectable piece of poster art for my upcoming UK April tour. He has taken his inspiration from classic US gig posters and I’m thrilled for how it has turned out.

Matt is best known for working with Marvel designing the artwork for Marvel’s Avengers Blu-ray collection and promotional posters.

He also regularly exhibits at galleries in the US including Gallery 1988 and has recently had great success with his own personal take on the Star Trek movie franchise – his posters for each film have been officially licensed for sale by CBS/Paramount studios.


The print is strictly limited to 50, it’s a two-colour screenprint on super fancy natural paper stock and is basically a very collectible and frameable (A2 size) piece of art.

It will be a beautiful memento from this DIY tour, especially with the DIY theme of the poster . That is my actual mode of transportation from the US to the UK!

It will be available to buy at my Sheffield show and online after the tour.

Still haven’t got your tickets? See what dates are left at and come to a show!

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 10.58.50 AMHUGE props to Matt and his first gig poster, I can’t WAIT to see what he does next.  In fact, you should follow Matt on TWITTER to be on the front line of all things awesome in his world.


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