Feast Your Eyes On Sal Gabriel’s Contribution For Hero Complex Gallery’s Official “20th Anniversary Hellboy Exhibit”

KAZ_OOMORI_HELLBOY_ART_POSTERAs we get closer to the opening reception for Hero Complex Gallery’s official “Hellboy” show, more work is surfacing.  One piece that has us chomping at the bit is by artist Sal Gabriel.  You may recognize that name because Sal is the driving force behind the awesome website, Cromeyellow.

Well it appears that, not only is Sal gifted with slinging words or playing drums and guitar, but he also has some art cred.  His contribution to the exhibit that celebrates the 20th Anniversary of Hellboy is pretty damn awesome and we should know, because that is all we write about… pure awesome.

sal_gabriel_hellboy_final_web_previewHellboy by Sal Gabriel

12″ X 16″

Giclee matted with a customized dark red splattered 16″ X 20″ frame

Edition: 1 of 1

We asked Sal about the print and his admiration of “Big Red” and here is what he had to say.

“I love Hellboy more than any other comic book hero simply because he IS the literal incarnation of good vs. evil. From the purpose of his creation to the the inevitable fate he’s always tried to outrun, the character is an overwhelmingly poignant look at how hope can stem from the darkest of places. He’s also a prime example that our choices are what shape us and not where we come from. All that, and we both love pancakes and cats. Match made in heaven right? Or is that hell?”

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 9.06.01 PM“For my piece I wanted to pay tribute to Mike Mignola’s timeless design, visually stripping HB down to his most iconic elements while also hinting at his internal struggle and fiery lineage.”

I love the piece but I gotta say, this whole “1 of 1 thing” is gonna have some folks walking away VERY happy and others….not so much!  Stop by Hero Complex Gallery this Friday, May 2 beginning at 7pm. Check out all the incredible art from Poster Posse artists Matt Ferguson, Orlando Arocena, Paul Shipper, Tracie Ching and Kaz Oomori as well as over 100 OTHER artists including Chogrin, Blain Hefner, Daniel Nyari, Yema Yema, Aaron Kloop, Jerrod Maruyama, C.F. Payne, and Robot Soda JUST to name a few.


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