DC Reveals An Awesome All-New Batman Action Figure Line By Greg Capullo Aaaaaand We Want Them All…

batman75logoToday may be one of those days where we just pick a topic and RUN with it.  That’s pretty easy to do when the topic is DC Comics, World’s Greatest Detective, Batman.  This year the Dark Knight celebrates his 75th Anniversary and DC has just revealed an all new action figure line by the insanely talented Greg Capullo which centers around the Caped Crusader.

batdcfig21-w1000DC Comics Designer Series 2 Batman Thrasher Action Figure by Greg Capullo

The first offering of figures from Capullo and DC features: 2 versions of Batman, The Riddler, A Red Hood figure, Nightwing, Talon, Mr. Freeze and Catwoman.  ( I say first offering  because  our fingers are crossed fingers that Capullo has more in store for us.

batdcfig22-w1000DC Comics Designer Series 2 Mr. Freeze Action Figure by Greg Capullo

I should remain impartial BUT….if I HAD to pick favorites I’m going with Talon and Mr Freeze.  That being said, the entire line looks amazing and we would LOVE to get them all for the office.

batdcdfigac33-w1000DC Comics Designer Series 1 Talon Action Figure by Greg Capullo

Because we LOVE our fans we have made it super simple for you to get them.  Just click the link below each figure and it will take you right to that characters order screen.  Each figure sells for $24.95.  (Be sure to look at the fine print when you order.  They are available on different dates.)  See more figures after the jump.

batdcdfigac34-w1000DC Comics Designer Series 1 Nightwing Action Figure by Greg Capullo


Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 10.19.20 AMDC Comics Designer Series 2 Catwoman Action Figure by Greg Capullo


batdcdfigac35-w1000DC Comics Designer Series 1 The Riddler Action Figure by Greg Capullo

batdcfig23-w1000DC Comics Designer Series 2 Red Hood Action Figure by Greg Capullo

-0-batdcdfigac32-w1000DC Comics Designer Series 1 Batman Action Figure by Greg Capullo

There you have it.  So, which ones are YOUR favorite?  Let us know down in the comments section.  Follow DC Comics and Greg Capullo on Twitter because both of them are awesome and you need to know what they are up to!



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