EXCLUSIVE: Poster Posse Project #8 Tackles “Transformers”

pplogo1Since 1984, Transformers have been part of people’s lives whether it’s through toys, TV shows and yes, movies with Shia Labeouf.  Well on June 27th, Michael Bay relaunches the franchise with “Transformers: Age of Extinction” and a whole new cast that included Mark Wahlberg, Nicola Peltz, Jack Reynor, Kelsey Grammer and Stanley Tucci.

_transformers-4-poster-fullWe thought we would honor Transformers the best way we could, with a bunch of amazing tribute art.  Some of it is movie specific, some of it just shows that alien robots that can transform into cars and dinosaurs is just plan cool.  Today we give you a look at PHASE ONE of the project and tune in tomorrow for PHASE TWO.  We would LOVE it if you left comments about your favorites down in the comments section.  (They become bragging rights for the artists.)

CS-PP-Transformers4-MotionPosterPart of Sheffield, U.K. artist Chris Skinner’s long list of talents is motion graphics.  THIS one is pretty FREAKING COOL.  It highlights the insanely cool Decepticon bounty hunter known as LOCKDOWN.  When he is close to his target this massive cannon transforms right out of his face and he takes Decepticons or any bounty he is hired for ….DOWN!  He also transforms into a grey 2013 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Coupe and THAT is pretty damn awesome too!  Here is a static version of the motion graphic as well.


CS-Transformers-AOI-V1Here is another Lockdown piece from Chris Skinner that gives you a better look at that face cannon I mentioned.  It’s pretty glorious, I can’t wait to see it in the new movie!

PrintBen Whitesell – USA

AOE-POSTER-CHAD-WOODWARDChad Woodward – U.K. had this to say about his 2 prints: “My  TF4 poster is called ‘Extinction Bringer.’  I did the main version in traditional Lockdown colours and an alternative in the traditional Decepticon colours.”

Transformers - chad woodward- variantChad Woodward – variant

Optimus 4 smallerDaniel Nash – England

kaz_Transformers_fin_lowKaz Oomori – Japan

Transformers-01Salvador Anguiano – Mexico  “I do enjoy the films but I LOVE the G1 Transformers, I grew up with them and I loved to play with the toys.  As a child, after walking home from school I would make myself something to eat and do homework, then I would take out all my toys and just sit there watching the show. So this project touches a VERY nostalgic tone for me and I couldn’t resist paying tribute to the old cartoon.”

“I did some  variants for the posters, the original and the “battle damaged” variant. I left these posters in B&W as I feel that brings up the metallic, shiny stuff.”

Transformers-02Salvador Anguiano – “Battle Damaged” variants

TRANSFORMERS 4 GREENMatt Needle – U.K. did 4 great color variations and I absolutely LOVE his Poster Posse logo placement.



TAnderson-Dinobot-RegularTim Anderson – USA – Regular Edition

TAnderson-Dinobot-Regular-Detail2TAnderson-Dinobot-VariantTim Anderson Variant


Transformers03Linda Hordijk – The Netherlands

KHoa-hoKhoa Ho – USA

transformers4-BerkayBerkay Daglar – Istanbul

Huge thanks to the artists that participated and come back tomorrow to see Phase 2 of the project featuring more even more Transformers art and quite possibly, some smart aleck comments thrown in for good measure.


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