EXCLUSIVE! Poster Posse Project #8: Autobots Or Decepticons? Choose Your Side In Phase 2 Of Our Tribute Art Project

BLURPPY EXCL TMYesterday we gave you our first salvo of tribute art paying homage to not only Michael Bay’s upcoming film, “Transformers: Age of Extinction” but to the entire Transformers universe in general.  Today we bring you Phase Two of the project and we ask the simple question….’Pick a side….Autobots….or Decepticons?”  Where is your allegiance?

ImpressionSimon Delart –  France  As you can see, Simon is a triangle ninja.  For those of you keeping track, this one comes in at exactly 2000 triangles… only triangles…nothing BUT triangles.  Simon really ticks me off because I can’t even draw with a pencil and he creates fantastic art using nothing but a 3 sided figure?  It just isn’t fair….but I love his work.

PP-transformers-doaly-4Doaly – U.K. Fans of these projects can breath a sigh of relief that Doaly is back to true form by contributing MULTIPLE pieces to the project.



Transformers-Hopko fb1Scott Hopko – USA  One of our newest members, Scott Hopko REALLY thought outside the box with this one.  Here is his thought process behind his print.  “I wanted to design a poster that turned Mark Wahlberg into a Autobot. My idea was to put together a modern version of the classic Polish movie poster.”

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 1.52.08 PM“I always loved how the Polish movie posters we always so abstract and thought provoking. Obviously Mark won’t be tuning into a Transformer – but I thought what if… and there you have it. I Hope people enjoy it.”

Transformers- AOE -Hopko fb2Transformers- AOE -Hopko fb4Sneaky detail from Hopko with the Poster Posse Logo placement…as you can imagine….I LOVE IT!  (Just call it PPLP for short.)

Transformers-Mat-WellerMat Weller – London  Taking a queue from Doaly, Mat brought 3 fantastic images to the arena this time out.

Transformers v3Mat Weller

Transformers v6Mat Weller

CS-Transformers4-FullImageChris Skinner – U.K. Yesterday, in PHASE ONE,  we showed you Chris’ glorious motion graphic along with a static poster and now it appears that he wasn’t done.  He is back at the table for ANOTHER helping of LOCKDOWN!


Speaking of coming back for more, Mexican artist Salvador Anguiano has to more variant versions of his prints.  (I had to sneak into his home late last night at acquire these as he did not include them with his final brief back to me.)

Salvador-anguiano-colorsSalvador “COLORS” Variant

“As I grew older I came to realize the Decepticons were faster, smarter and better fighters and they had the smartest, most powerful leader — All hail Megatron! They also have the coolest logo. I don’t know if it’s a wolf, a fox, a racoon, a devil o whatever, it looks awesome while the Autobots have a sad kitty for a logo, come on!” – Salvador Anguiano

Salvador-Anguiano-technoSalvador Anguiano – “TECHNO” variant

T_AOE_PP8Luke Butland – U.K.


transformers1300Andy Fairhurst – “Beautiful North Wales”

There you have it.  Poster Posse Project #8 is in the books.  We bombarded you with a slew of amazing art and we are already looking towards projects #9 and #10.  I don’t want to brag, disregard any of our PAST projects,  or set the expectations too high but … #9 is going to be “gonzo” and #10 will leave your head spinning.

As always, HUGE thanks to the Poster Posse.  This diverse group of mutants always delivers excellence and as the Xavier of the group, I couldn’t be happier with the talent we have amassed.  They are as passionate, considerate and supportive as they are talented and THAT is saying a lot.  Click their links below their prints and go see more of what they do.



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