EXCLUSIVE! Simon Delart Unleashes His Magnificent Tribute For Disney’s “Maleficent”

We have made it no secret that we are EXTREMELY excited and eagerly anticipating the arrival of Disney’s upcoming film “Maleficent.”  We’ve shown you official posters and trailers for the film that stars Angelina Jolie as Disney’s most iconic villain, Maleficent, with Elle Fanning as the innocent and naive Princess Aurora.

_Maleficent_imax-posterDisney’s official IMAX poster

Today however, we are giving fans a look at a tribute series from Poster Posse artist, Paris native, Simon Delart.  He privately teased these images to the rest of the Posse and I absolutely, immediately fell in love with his concept.  What is even more impressive is that Simon deals his craft entirely in triangles.  (2857 for this piece to be exact.)


s2lart_Maleficent_3-01We asked Simon about his inspiration for this sensational image and this is what he had to say.  “I have to admit that I have never seen “Sleeping Beauty”, but when I saw Angelina Jolie and her suit in Maleficent I was really surprised. I found it very graphic and fascinating. The lively red contrast of her lips and her black suit reminded me of René Gruau’s illustration, very minimalist.

s2lart_Maleficent_4-01I looked for what could symbolize Maleficent, and the branches of bramble surrounding its castle are in her effigy, disturbing and dangerous.  Brambles compose her suit giving a minimalist aspect to the poster, but when we look at it closer, it reveals all its complexity.

s2lart_Maleficent_1-01s2lart_Maleficent_2-01Personally, I love each of Simon’s colorways but which one is YOUR favorite.  List them 1-4 top to bottom and let us know which one speaks to you in the comments section below.  Disney’s  “Maleficent” hits theaters on May 30th and we ….can’t…..WAIT!

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