EXCLUSIVE! Patrick Connan Is Set To Release A REMARKABLE Print For Michael Bay’s 1996 Action Flick: “The Rock”

BLURPPY EXCL TMPoster Posse member, Patrick Connan is on what we call a “tear” lately.  After the gargantuan success of his GODZILLA prints, he is back with another poster that tackles a fan favorite film from the mid-90’s.

Patrick Connan BannerMichael Bay’s “The Rock” still stands the test of time almost 20 years later and for me, it remains one of Bay’s best silver screen accomplishments.  Patrick Connan’s tribute to the film comes in two versions and don’t even ASK me which one I like better because they are both brilliant.

_the-rockWe spoke to Patrick about what inspired him for the project.  Here is what he had to say.

What do you love about the movie that inspired you to do this piece?

I think I love everything in that movie! It is a Bloody Awesome Blockbuster!  The cast is fantastic, the relationship between Goodspeed and Mason is hilarious! Ed Harris is the incarnation of Charisma… Womack is such a dick and the two Captains – Frye and Darrow are TWO incredible bastards… You want to see them dead so badly at one point!!!! Haha!

the-rock-1Where does this movie rate in your top 5 films of all time?  Any prints coming for THOSE films?”

P.C. – It’s so hard to pick up only 5 favorites movies… But if I had to choose it will be (no logical order):

  • STAR WARS TRILOGY (yes I said trilogy!!!)
  • INDIANA JONES TRILOGY (and it’s also a trilogy…)
  • CONAN THE BARBARIAN (maybe my favorite but you certainly know why!!!)
  • THE ROCK  (and there’s so many others… LOTR trilogy… Abyss… The Goonies… Robocop… etc…etc…)

I already tackled LOTR a moment ago in a minimalist way… But I love those movies Soooo much that I might do another poster series for them that is less minimalist in the near future. ‘Back to the Future’ was so awesomely realized by Laurent Durieux so I’ll wait a little to do one of my kind.  And for Star Wars… One day maybe… It’s like I’d wait until I get the ULTIMATE “brilliant” idea, I don’t want to piss off the gods of the Star Wars Universe…

_the_rock_3Hmmmm… I believe that the question was “TOP 5″, you seem to have given us your top 11!  What is your favorite quote from” The Rock?”

P.C. – I must admit that I saw it most of the time in french… I f**cking love the french actor who performs Nick Cage’s voice… He is soooooooo fun!!!!  My fav quote is when Mason is being interrogated by the FBI and then he smashed the glass and see who bring him here…  His good pal… “Womack! Pourquoi ne suis-je pas surpris… espèce de balai à chiottes ? ” And in Shakespeare language: “Womack! Why am I not surprised, you piece of shit!”

Patrick did his due diligence on this one.  He put in over 200 hours of work on it and watched the movie 10 times to get all the right references.  Patrick is once again working with the fine folks over at  Hero Complex Gallery on releasing these prints and they will go onsale on their WEBSITE on Wednesday, May 14th at a random time. Follow HCG on TWITTER and FACEBOOK to find out exactly when.


18″ X 36″ screenprint with multiple metallic inks

Edition of 85


THE ROCK_SCREENPRINT_ORANGE“The Rock” Orange Flare Edition

18″ X 36″ screenprint with multiple metallic inks

Edition of 85


Stay tuned because I KNOW Patrick is going to deliver another outstanding print for our next Poster Posse Project and you NEVER know when he will go rogue and drop his OWN movie print.


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