EXCLUSIVE! Enter To Win One Of Three Rare Foil Prints For “The Amazing Spider-man 2” By Vector Master Orlando Arocena

Vector artist and Poster Posse member Orlando Arocena has had his art displayed in galleries around the world, he has participated in shows like Miami Art Basel and has graced magazines that include Juxtapoz, Design You Trust, and Playground.  He calls his style “Pop-Deco” and now he is turning his attention on pop culture and the end result is unique, brilliant and spectacular all at once.

spidey-He has taken pop culture themes like Deadpool, Hellboy, the X-men, Captain America, and my personal favorite, Iron Man, and created stunning images that literally jump off the screen.  (You gotta click the link I provided because you have to check out his W.I.P. images.  They will blow your mind.)

_iron-man-orlando-arocenaHis latest and greatest is for “The Amazing Spider-man 2” which is still making millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars in theaters around the globe.  There are 4 prints in the series featuring the hero Spidey and the antagonists from the film, Rhino, Elektro and Green Goblin. We briefly spoke to Orlando about this new series and here is what he had to say.

SPIDER-MAN2_RHINO © Orlando Arocena_2014BLURPPY: We love your art, what are your “tools of the trade to create these amazing images?”

OA: “100% Adobe Illustrator CC + Wacom + Imac”

SPIDER-MAN2_GOBLIN © Orlando Arocena_2014BLURPPY: What inspired you to take on the webslinger and his nefarious foes from The Amazing Spider-man 2?”

OA: I’m a big fan of pop culture and was inspired by the “Ying-Yang” aspect of hero VS villain.  I also wanted to incorporate a stylized interpretation of Peter Parker’s iconic “Spidey-Senses” into the pieces.  I can only imagine the struggle that Peter Parker / Spidey is having and trying to balance out in this sequel.  He loves Gwen but is haunted by the promise he made to her deceased father.  He is also compelled by the words of his deceased Uncle Ben and can’t help but fight against evil even though he’d rather just be with Gwen.  With each print, I incorporated the #2 to make it a very iconic yet direct visual call out paying tribute via my pop-deco vector style.

SPIDER-MAN2_ELECTRO © Orlando Arocena_2014_anchorsSPIDER-MAN2_ELECTRO © Orlando Arocena_2014These prints go on sale over on Orlando’s store, MEXIFUNK and via his BEHANCE page on Saturday morning, May 24th, 2014.  Orlando wants to give fans something special so he is doing two things.  First, he is honoring fans of BLURPPY by offering FREE SHIPPING when you enter the code “BLURPPY” at checkout.  The code will be valid for the first 48 hours of the sale, (Saturday, May 24th and Sunday, May 25th)…oh, did I mention he ships internationally too?!

2014-05-22 09.25.19Second, he is going to offer 3 ultra rare foil prints as giveaways.  The foil prints feature all 4 images from the series and entering is extremely easy.  Anyone who purchases a print from his Mexifunk or Behance pages AND follows Orlando on TWITTER is in the running.  The giveaway goes on all weekend, and the winners will be chosen at random and notified by Orlando VIA TWITTER on Monday, May 26th.


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