EXCLUSIVE: Bottleneck Gallery & Analog Sweden Presents “Moments Lost” – Music & Art Inspired By Blade Runne

BLURPPY EXCL TMI think it is pretty safe to say that Ridley Scott’s 1982 sci-fi epic, “Blade Runner” is at the top of a lot of folks lists when it comes to favorite movies.  One of the MANY reasons it is as powerful and memorable for so many is because the soundtrack seamlessly blends into the film.  Like any good soundtrack, it accentuates the movie rather than dominates it.  It brings mood and tone, to a film that is smothered in these aspects.

_moments-lost-posterOn May 31st Bottleneck Gallery and Analog Sweden have partnered to celebrate the blending of music and art of “Blade Runner” with a must see exhibit called “Moments In Time.” 

The exhibit features art by Godmachine, Raid 71, Kakofonia, Andy Hau, Cuyler Smith and more.  The Poster Posse has a strong presence in the show as well with Laurie Greasley, Marko Manev, Marie Bergeron and Matt Ferguson also contributing.  Today we are pleased to exclusively share two images for the show by Marie Bergeron and Matt Ferguson and they are quite spectacular.

Chinatown“China Town” by Marie Bergeron

12″ X 12″ Giclee

Edition of 50

detail shot

bladerunner_MF“Time To Die” by Matt Ferguson

16″ X 20 Giclee



BRdetail4BRdetail1As an added bonus for fans, Analog Sweden has compiled an all-new concept album with new music, illustrations, and stories from the world of Blade Runner.  Each song on the eight-track album is accompanied by an original illustration and short story that will take you deeper into the “Blade Runner” universe than ever before.

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 10.24.18 AMMOMENTS LOST – Track listing:

(You can give it a listen HERE.)

1. The Escape
2. God Light
3. Commercial Crash
4. The Street Artist
5. Animoid Underground
6. Biogenesis
7. Remote Emotions
8. Take Off
9. Remote Reprise [bonus track]

There are eight different illustrations, one for each story/ song.  The illustrations will be printed on 24″ X 24″ posters and in a 12″ X 12″ 16 page art booklet on high quality paper.  Lead artwork is executed by Kilian Eng and HR-FM with contributions by others as well.

The music is available in multiple formats and can be ordered directly from ANALOG SWEDEN HERE.


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