Check Out These Exclusive Images From Godmachine’s First Solo Show At The Flood Gallery Featuring New Work & His Very First Art Book!

The Flood Gallery know how to put on a good show. Last Thursday, on top of all the usual reception goodies, attendees were also treated to a vintage car show and a rare, personal appearance by the man himself, Godmachine.


DSC_0078As you enter the gallery the number of pieces hits you immediately. It’s easy to forget how much work he’s done in a relatively short space of time and the sheer scope can terrify mere mortals. On show are works mainly from 2010 to the present, ranging from his infamous (and rare as hen’s teeth) Blade Runner to the the 12 new art prints released for this, his very first solo retrospective show.

4 Black cat - darker earth DSC_0055

DSC_0047Exclusive to the Godmachine show are new reprints of fan favorites ‘Prey’, ‘Philosophy’ and ‘Monk’ in larger formats along with all new pieces in the form of ‘A Darker Earth’, ‘Black Cat’ and ‘Creep’ among others.

DSC_0066 DSC_0065There is something for everyone on offer here. His art prints in themselves are a terrible beauty to behold ranging from intricate dark art seen in ‘New Vahalla’ to more sombre pieces such as ‘An Unkindness’. His commissioned movie/music prints, originally released in galleries all over the world, have an instantly recognizable hook in an inimitable style. Some of the rarities on offer were Leon, Alien/Aliens, Akira, Tales From the Crypt and Donnie Darko with only one or two of each available for sale.

New Valhalla linocuts DSC_0127In addition to the huge range of screen prints there are also t-shirts, bookmarks, stickers, linocuts, a woodcut and a Swamp Thing inspired watercolour and ink piece. Reflecting this huge range are the fans themselves. As diverse as the shows offerings, fans from far and wide, of all ages, made it out to the show giving the gallery an exciting party buzz. Godmachine, not content with sitting behind a table to sign his new book, was greeting fans as he sketched and signed on arms, books, frames and even a rugby ball!

DSC_0033Blade Runner ownerDSC_0032A great many of the prints were taken out of the frames and tubed up before my very eyes so if you plan on going to see these works close up, I’d suggest sooner rather than later. One lucky guy walked away with the only ‘Blade Runner’ print available.

DSC_0119Rugby Ball

DSC_0168As the evening drew to a close it became apparent that the show was not just a retrospective but a celebration, especially for the man of the hour: “Thank you. I can’t get over how awesome it was to meet so many people who were nothing short of brilliant. I don’t think I stopped laughing all night talking to amazing people. A million years spent behind a screen, then being in meat space was so nerve wracking for me but in the end it was amazing. Too many of you to thank, all of you were simply beautiful.”

Unkindness - book - woodcutDSC_0024If you can’t make it to the show, fear not. ‘The Art of Godmachine‘ marks a maiden voyage into publication for both the artist and the gallery. It’s a beautiful, large format book that does the art justice and will look awesome on your coffee table.

Huge shout out to Godmachine, Chris and his Flood Gallery crew for doing it right. Bring on the next one!


DSC_0061Godmachine is a world renowned artist based in Cardiff, Wales, UK: WEBSITE, TWITTER  You can order Godmachine’s fantastic, brand new book: “The Art of Godmachine” right HERE.

The Flood Gallery is a boutique gallery located in the world famous Greenwich Market, London, UK and specializes in contemporary gig, art and film posters.  WEBSITE, TWITTER

HUGE thanks to Gavin Griffiths for taking the time to get some top notch photos and for writing the article!


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