Simon Delart Gives Some Of The Silver Screen’s Greatest Soundtracks An Impressive Makeover


Simon Delart is a graphic designer and illustrator who has always been influenced by pop culture. As he puts it, he “likes working with geometrical forms to create images between realism and abstraction, while paying tribute in a culture which has always inspired him.”

Batman Mask of the Phantasm cover

:Batman Mask of the Phantasm vinyl cover

His latest endeavor gives us a fresh new take on some of the biggest films to ever grace the silver screen.  His approach for this is even more fascinating when you realize that he uses nothing but triangles to form the images.  On top of that, he has given us a whole new look at these movies as he has designed album soundtrack covers for each one.

:Blade runner Vinyle cover Blade Runner cover

The movies featured are diverse and include, Moon, Back To The Future, Lord Of The Rings, Jurassic Park, Inception, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, Star Trek, Tron Legacy, Wall-e, The Good The Bad and The Ugly, Terminator 2 and Star Wars: four, five and six.

We spoke to Simon about the project which he is calling his Triangle Vinyl Collection.  Here is what he had to say:  It is a double hommage. First to all those great composers, who create more than music but in a way, the DNA of a movie. And secondly, it’s an homage to the vinyl itself. I love the object, its dimensions, and mostly its sound. The vinyl cover is the perfect support to create illustrations.

:Dr No vinyl cover

For each cover I tried to find the most iconic things which represent the movie. Sometimes it’s a detail that only the people who know the movie will recognize. By doing so it’s more intimate, it’s like that cover has been made for us, the fans.  I enjoyed playing with the colors too, as I set out to create an atmosphere that fit to the universe of the film.

I don’t know if this collection is finished. Maybe, if people like it, I will do more, a second part.  Maybe people could tell me what is their favorite original score?

Well we hope he DOES do more and if you have suggestions…well you heard the man, let him know!  You can “suggest” all you want over HERE on Simon’s TWITTER.

:Conan Vinyl Cover

Conan Cover

:Inception Vinyl Triangle Cover Inception cover

:LotR Vinyl cover LotR cover

:Moon Vinyl Triangle Cover Moon cover

:Edward Vinyl Cover Edward cover

:Star trek vinyl cover


:Walle Vinyle cover Walle cover

:Terminator2 Vinyle cover Terminator2 cover :The Good vinyl cover The Good

(FYI…Ennio Morricone’s GBU was our suggestion and we LOVE the way it turned out!) 

:Back to the future Vinyle cover Back to the future cover :Jurassic Park vinyl cover Jurassic Park cover :Tron Legacy Vinyl Cover Tron Legacy Cover

:Star Wars IV vinyl cover Star Wars IV cover :Star Wars V vinyl cover Star Wars V cover :Star Wars VI vinyl cover Star Wars VI cover

Be sure to check out Simon’s brand new WEBSITE HERE to see the rest of his incredible portfolio.  You can also follow him VIA: TWITTER, TUMBLRFACEBOOK and BEHANCE.  Take a moment to let us know which ones are YOUR favorites down in the comments section below and be SURE to give him some suggestions on his TWITTER feed.



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