Poster Posse Member Salvador Anguiano Celebrates Batman’s 75th Anniversary With A Fantastic Print Drop At Hero Complex Gallery


Last week we shared a plethora of amazing images celebrating Batman’s 75th Anniversary.  We released over 100 images over a five day span and TODAY, one of them could be yours.  One of the most popular from the group was by Salvador Anguiano.  Sal managed to do 75 profiles featuring different Batman images rom the past 75 years.


“75 Years Of Batman” by Salvador Anguiano

Fine Art Giclee
Limited Edition of 100
Approximately 18″ x 36″


(1970 – 1993)

It’s hard to pick a favorite from the group but a stand out for US is that damn Lego Batman smiling directly at you.  It makes us laugh every time we see it.  Sal has incorporated comic book, tv, movie and even video game images to complete this rather thorough offering of the various incarnations of The Dark Knight.


(2004 – 2008)

We reached out to Salvador about the project and the man it pays homage to and here is what he had to say.  “Batman is such an iconic figure in pop culture that to pay tribute to just ONE era of his long history would feel like cheating so thanks to the support (nagging) of the amazing Poster Posse I went the other way and paid tribute to 75 Batmen!”


“There’s every kind of Batman in there from good ol’ Adam West to Lego Batman, from Bob Kane to Jim Lee, from some very obvious choices like The Dark Knight Returns to something offbeat like Batman Knight of the Round Table, I think it just goes to show that the concept of Batman can really bend to fit any era or trend, as disparate as that maybe, and believe me, I left out the really weird ones! So I hope this ends up in the hands of true Bat-Fans, the ones that love the character as much as I do!”


(2008 – 2013)

Well our fingers are crossed that we get on in time because these aren’t going to last long!  CLICK HERE to order this print from Hero Complex Gallery and be sure to follow Salvador on TWITTER and seek him out on BEHANCE to see the rest of his awesome portfolio.



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