For The Very First Time: “Batman: The Complete TV Series” Is Coming To Blu-ray & DVD…And We Can’t WAIT!


I can still remember waiting…anxiously….impatiently for each episode to begin.  The 1960’s Batman TV series NEVER seemed campy or outlandish when I was caught in its embrace.  It was exciting, filled with action, colorful, devious villains and bold heroes.  The cliffhangers would always leave  us pondering, “How will they do it?  There is NO WAY they are getting out of this one!”  Lucky for us they would always, JUST barely, thwart the evil schemes of their nefarious foes…again….and again….and again.


On November 11th, 2014, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will give fans of the original TV series something they have desired for a long time.  All 120 episodes of the original broadcast have been completely remastered and will finally be available on Blu-ray and DVD!  (If you listen closely you can almost hear our maniacal laugh like Cesar Romero in the series.)


The release comes with a TON of extras that should keep fans smiling for years to come.  Over three hours of never-before-seen enhanced content including interviews with Adam West and Burt Ward.  Here is the official press release that lays it all out.


For the very first time, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment (WBHE) is releasing the fan-favorite original 1960’s Batman TV Series starring Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin. On November 11, 2014, just in time for the holiday season, Batman: The Complete Television Series Limited Edition will hit shelves on Blu-Ray™ ($269.97 SRP). Batman: The Complete Television Series DVD ($199.70 SRP) and Batman: The Complete First Season ($39.98 SRP) will also be available.  Additionally, The Complete Series will be released for purchase on Digital HD.   This highly collectable set is one fans won’t want to miss! 

Batman: The Complete Television Series features all three classic seasons of the fan-favorite show spanning all 120 original broadcast episodes – completely remastered – as well as more than three hours of never-before-seen enhanced content including interviews with both Adam West (as Batman) and Burt Ward (as Robin). In addition to favorites West and Ward, the series featured a long list of notable guest stars and cameo appearances over the course of three seasons including Julie Newmar, Cesar Romero, Frank Gorshin, Liberace, Vincent Price, Burgess Meredith, Bruce Lee, Art Carney, Milton Berle, Sammy Davis Jr. and many more! 

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 9.45.28 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 9.09.23 PM
Bringing the series’ vivid colors to life in stunning high definition, the Blu-ray Limited Edition will be individually numbered, making the set a true must-have for both fans and collectors alike. The set will include sought-after premiums including: 

An exclusive Hot Wheels® Replica Batmobile

Adam West Scrapbook – featuring never-before-seen photos from Adam’s own archives

44 Vintage Trading Cards

Ultraviolet Digital Copy of all 120 episodes

Episode guide – includes synopsis of all episodes, photos from the series and a personal letter from Adam West to the fans:



“Fans around the world have been clamoring for this release for decades,” said Rosemary Markson, WBHEG Senior Vice President, TV Brand Management and Retail Marketing  “Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is beyond thrilled to make the caped crusader’s fans’ wishes come true by releasing Batman: The Complete Television Series to Blu-ray™, DVD and Digital HD for the very first time since the original 1960s program. Coinciding with the 75th Anniversary of Batman’s comic book debut, this is the ultimate holiday gift.”


Batman: The Complete Television Series also features more than three hours of all-new enhanced content:  Special Features include: 

– Hanging with Batman – A true slice of life in the words of Adam West.

– Holy Memorabilia Batman! – A journey into the most sought-after collectibles through the eyes of three extraordinary collectors.

– Batmania Born! – Building the World of Batman – Explore the art and design behind the fiction.

– Bats of the Round Table –  A candid conversation with Adam West and his celebrity friends, chatting all things Bat ’66.

– Inventing Batman in the words of Adam West (episode 1 &2) –  A rare treat for the fans as Adam discusses his script notes on bringing Batman to life in the first and second episodes.

– Na Na Na Batman! — Hollywood favorite’s stars and producers recount their favorite Batman memories.


We were fortunate enough to sit in a small press conference at this year’s 2014 SDCC as Adam West, Burt Ward and Julie Newmar recounted stories from the good ole days.  We could have sat there for hours listening to them talk about being on the set, all the behind the scenes stuff, etc.  Here are a few things we learned from the press conference:

  • Adam West has all 120 of his original scripts from the series along with notes!
  • Burt Ward was a black belt and sparred with Bruce Lee when he lived in Hollywood during the series.
  • Frank Sinatra wanted to be on the show as…..The Joker!

Batman Life Magazine Cover 1966

Batman always seemed larger than life and actually, he even made the cover of the magazine showing just how popular the series was even back then.   (I was born 27 days after this hit the news stands!)  This box set is a MUST-HAVE for fans of the show.  We are REALLY looking forward to getting our hands on this one!  We can’t WAIT to hear William Dozier say, “Tune in tomorrow — saaaaame Bat-time, saaaaame Bat-channel!” CLICK HERE to preorder your copy today.

Tell us who YOUR favorite villain was or what your favorite episode was down in the comments section. We’d LOVE to go down memory lane and relive this with you.


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  1. Vern says:

    I remember hoping for that extra punch in the credits meaning that Bat girl was going to appear. I’ve never seen the series in order and didn’t know she was only in the third season.


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