This November DC Comics Unleashes The Power Of The Brick With A Whole Month Of LEGO Variant Covers

If there is one things folks like when it comes to comic books, it’s variant covers.  If there is another thing that folks LOVE in general, it’s Legos.  (Trust me, you should SEE the line at the Lego Booth at San Diego Comic Con EVERY year.)  Well this November, DC and Lego are teaming up to bring these two fan favorites together in a slew of Lego variant covers.  22 covers to be exact, spread out over some of DC’s most popular titles.


In celebration of this fall’s release of LEGO® Batman™ 3: Beyond Gotham, the next installment to the best-selling LEGO Batman videogame, November will see LEGO variant covers spotlighting the brick-tastic versions of the many heroes and villains featured in the game. 

Batman #36 LEGO variant cover

Batman #36 LEGO variant cover via IGN


Catwoman #36 LEGO variant cover via IGN

The LEGO variants, are the latest in a variety of monthly themes. DC Comics kicked off the year with Scribblenauts in January, followed by Steampunk in February, while March saw Robot Chicken covers based on the Adult Swim show, April celebrated Alfred E. Neuman’s birthday with MAD themed covers, May brought a selection of variants by artist Mike Allred done in the groovy style of Batman ’66, while June went retro with Bombshell covers based on the popular DC Collectibles line.

Justice League Dark #36

Justice League Dark #36 variant cover via Hitfix

In honor of the caped crusaders anniversary Batman took center stage in July with Batman 75 variant covers, this month celebrates the self photo with Selfie variant covers, while September jumps to the future with Futures End 3-D motion covers, and just in time for Halloween, October sees Monster variants.  


BATMAN/SUPERMAN #16 variant cover via Entertainment Weekly


SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN #13 variant cover via Entertainment Weekly

DC has shared all the covers with 16 websites but we wanna make it easy on you and collect them all riiiiiiight here on BLURPPY.   Give them a look and let us know which ones are your favorites.


Grayson #4 variant cover via NEWSARAMA


Detective Comics #36 via LA Times Hero Complex


Batman and Robin #36 via Ain’t It Cool News


Batgirl #36 via Comic Vine


Green Lantern #36 via Nerdist


Flash #36 via Nerdist

Click the link below to see the rest of the variant cover collaboration between DC Comics and LEGO!


Harley Quinn #12 via Polygon


Action Comics #36 via Buzzfeed


Supergirl #36 via Buzzfeed


Green Lantern Corps #36 via The Escapist


Superman #36 via Game Informer


Wonder Woman #36 via Game Informer


Justice League United #6 via Comic Book Resources

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 10.27.55 PM

Teen Titans #3 via LEGO Batman 3’s Instagram


Sinestro #7 via DC Comic Twitter feed




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