Dark Hall Mansion Announces The Third Print In Their Seminal Film Series: “The War of the Worlds” By Tom Whalen

Dark Hall Mansion’s ongoing Seminal Film Series has been a thing of pure beauty.  The first two prints in the series were done by Brussels’s best, Laurent Durieux.  Laurent turned in absolutely sensational prints for the classic 1927 film “Metropolis” and the 1925 Lon Chaney film, “Phantom of the Opera.”

Laurent Durieux metropolis_reg

Metropolis – regular edition

Laurent Durieux metropolis-alternate_edition

Metropolis – variant edition

Laurent Durieux phantom regular_reg[1]

The Phantom of the Opera – regular edition


The Phantom of the Opera – variant edition

They are following these prints up with the third film in their series and this one is done by Tom Whalen.  The film, 1953’s “The War of the Worlds” is based off H.G. Wells amazing story and as usual, Tom has delivered some exquisite work.  In fact, you could say these prints feature a “mighty panorama of earth-shaking fury!


“The War of the Worlds” by Tom Whalen – regular edition

24″ X 36″

officially licensed by Paramount Studio


“The War of the Worlds” by Tom Whalen – variant edition

24″ X 36″

officially licensed by Paramount Studio

Now these gorgeous prints are directly tied into Dark Hall Mansions upcoming “The Twilight Zone” series that we showed you the other day.  “HOW?” do you ask.  Well, collectors who purchase “The Twilight Zone” regular or variant set on TUESDAY, AUGUST 19th, will automatically have a copy of Tom’s “The War of the Worlds” reserved for them.  (If you buy the regular series you have a regular copy reserved, if you buy the variant series, you get reserve on the variant edition.)  You have absolutely NO obligation to buy WOTW but if you want it, it’s better than trying to F5 all day waiting for a random time!


The classic episode, “Eye of the Beholder” is the first of Tom’s 10 prints in this series and as you can see, they capture the essence of the episode to a T.  Also, fans spoke up about the shipping of this series and Dark Hall Mansion listened.  YES they can and WILL hold the whole series back for those wishing only 1 shipping fee at end.  So now there are 3 convenient ways for you to ship this series since you can also use the PAY-AS-YOU-GO-SHIPPING option, or pay for shipping all at once, they can accommodate all 3 methods!

Eye of the beholder variant tom whalen

(Inquiries for individual “Twilight Zone” prints: If there’s any left over-not having been purchased by subscribers Tues-we will offer them at a future date per our usual pricing: $65 per Std/$100 per Variant. But they will not come with any subscriber perks such as reserve/locks on add’l TZ guest artists nor Tom’s upcoming “War of the Worlds” print.)

Personally this may be our favorite project from DHM.  Not just because the Poster Posse will be participating in an official capacity but the subject matter is so awesome, Tom’s involvement, Laurent Durieux’s involvement, and more make this one a no-brainer.  Follow these folks for more insight and special looks at this project as it developes:

Dark Hall Mansion:  Facebook, Twitter, Official Website

Tom Whalen: Twitter, Official Website

Laurent Durieux: Official Website, Facebook

Poster Posse: Twitter, Facebook


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