Andy Fairhurst Gives Us His Last 3 Superhero Kids….Ever, And It Breaks Our Heart!

Ok, even though Andy says these are the last ones EVER, I still hold out hope that there are more that will somehow, someway, make their way to my walls someday. Last March we gave you an extensive look at this series and now….we have the last 3.  Here are some previous Superhero Kids:

Magneto Kid

Magneto Kid

Wolverine Kid

Wolverine Kid

Iron Kid

Iron Kid

Here is what Andy, “The Breaker of Geek Hearts” had to say about the series and closing it out.

After 2 years of doing 30 of these Superhero Kids I am finally going to say ‘no more.’ I sort of stopped doing them at 25 but then I had requests for more so I did a couple more to take the total to 27. Over this last year I have had countless requests to do more and I have always said no, I’m done, finito! But 27 is a rubbish number to end on so I gave in and did 3 more, and these are those. But this is definitely the last time I do any more Superhero Kids. NO MORE! I am totally and utterly Superhero kidded out…Unless DC or Marvel send a request my way 😀

Anyway it was a blast doing all of these over the two years and as simple as they are I am quite proud of the achievement. And I appreciate all the kind words people have said about them over that time.


Groot Kid

greenarrowkid1010Green Arrow Kid

So lets see what we learned today:

The Series is extremely popular with fans

– Andy ‘says’ he is done unless Marvel or DC request some 

– Andy hates the number 27

– I want that damn Iron Man for my sons room!

Suffice to say, these would look AMAZING in ANY kids room as a framed print and I’d even get it as a fancy DUVET cover or SHOWER CURTAIN from Society 6 to make your kids room or bathroom the envy of ALL his/ her friends!



Click HERE to get YOUR copy of some of these amazing Superhero Kids from Andy’s Society 6 page.  I think I need a couple throw pillows for the office now that I look at these again.  Which ones are YOUR favorites?  Let us know what character YOU would like to see get the Superhero Kid treatment.  (I know, I know, he said he is done but I won’t let it go that easy!)

Follow ANDY on TWITTER and harass him about this to no end.  You can also check out his OFFICIAL WEBSITE to see and learn more about this gifted guy from North Wales.


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