IDW Asks….”What Comes After The Bigger Bang?”

We were instantly drawn to the art of The Bigger Bang.  Once we read more about it, we wanted to see and read more!  Here is what IDW had to say about this upcoming series.

In one explosive moment our universe was born—and with another it will be destroyed! This winter, writer D.J. Kirkbride (Amelia Cole) and illustrator Vassilis Gogtzilas (Adventures of Augusta Wind) team up for THE BIGGER BANG, a four-issue mini-series exploring the depths of humanity through the warped lens of an ever-expanding multiverse. This action-packed space fantasy defies the laws of science and the comforts of belief!
TBB_issue1“My artistic pal Vassillis approached me about doing a comic with some kind of outer space superhero, and that pretty quickly became THE BIGGER BANG,” says writer Kirkbride. “It’s a comic about forging one’s own destiny despite circumstances of birth or the past… starring a space god in orange tights, a three-eyed green warrior lady, and a Cthulhu in a flying space castle.”

TBB_issue11Created by an inexplicable universe-killing event, the being called Cosmos traverses the stars, seeking to help those he can in order to atone for the sins of his birth. Often mistaken for a harbinger, Cosmos soars the intergalactic space ways alone… but will soon find himself up against an alien tyrant on his quest for acceptance.
Series editor Justin Eisinger, most commonly found overseeing IDW’s expansive line of books and graphic novels, described his experience as such: “THE BIGGER BANG is a story with heart and vision. The off-kilter pairing of Kirkbride’s quirky writing and Gogtzilas’ expressive, kinetic artwork work in perfect disharmony to bring this impossible story to improbable life. We sure hope you have as much fun reading BIGGER BANG as we’re having making it.”

The Bigger Bang will light up comic shops beginning this November. Don’t miss out on this intergalactic epic!


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