Pick Up The Third Stellar Print From Dark Hall Mansion’s Seminal Film Series: “The War Of The Worlds” By Tom Whalen

There are a few films that REALLY impacted us when we were growing up.  Hitchcock’s “Rear Window”, Spielberg’s “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind” and Kubrick’s “The Shining” to name a few.  One such film is being immortalized by one of our favorite artists as part of Dark Hall Mansion’s Seminal Film Series.


Original 1953 film poster

For the third offering in their officially licensed, Seminal Film Series, Dark Hall Mansion has called upon the mega-talents of Tom Whalen to produce something special for the 1953 sic-fi classic by H.G. Wells, “The War of the Worlds.”   Wells’ radio broadcast of War of the Worlds caused widespread panic when it came out and after looking at Tom’s work, if THIS is how people saw it in their mind when they listened to it on the radio, then I can see why folks lost their minds.  Imagine, if you will massive, metallic, arachnid-like machines walking the streets, firing devastating beams, destroying buildings and killing anything that stood in their path.  Our weapons can’t stop them and we are seemingly doomed to certain obliteration.


One thing to remember is that if you have pre-ordered Dark Hall Mansion & Tom Whalen’s 10-print “THE TWILIGHT ZONE” series, you ALREADY have one of these reserved for you!  You have NO obligation to buy it BUT…..it’s yours if you want it.  Check out the official press release from Dark Hall Mansion and then IMMEDIATELY go order your copy today.


Dark Hall Mansion is pleased to offer its first DHM Seminal Film Series entry of 2014: Our officially licensed limited edition screen print for Paramount’s 1953 Sci-Fi cornerstone, “The War of the Worlds” by leading contemporary artist, Tom Whalen. Dark Hall Mansion, under license by Paramount Pictures, will release Tom Whalen’s uniquely stylized take in a striking 24″ x 36″ Standard and Variant edition, as well as a select foil edition for each.

“The War of the Worlds” limited edition screen prints go on sale next Friday, September 5th, 2014 on Dark Hall Mansion’s dedicated STORE PAGE at a random time between 9:30 AM PST and 12 PM PST.

waroftheworlds2“The War of the Worlds” Standard $65 Edition of 295

“The War of the Worlds” Foil (w/Std artwork) $150 Edition of 10 (Not shown)

waroftheworlds2“The War of the Worlds” Variant $100 Edition of 100

“The War of the Worlds” Foil (w/Var artwork) $150 Edition of 10 (Not shown)

VIP! IF YOU HAVE AN EXISTING RESERVE/LOCK ON A “THE WAR OF THE WORLDS” PRINT VIA YOUR PURCHASE OF A DHM “TWILIGHT ZONE” SUBSCRIPTION SERIES THEN YOU MUST SEND IN YOUR PAYMENT BY 11:59 PM PST NEXT TUES, SEPT 2, 2014. “TWILIGHT ZONE” Standard subscription holders have a reserve right to purchase one Std edition “The War of the Worlds” print while “TWILIGHT ZONE” Variant subscription holders have a reserve right to purchase one Variant “The War of the Worlds” print. Simply forward your payment directly to Dark Hall Mansion via our Paypal address: info@darkhallmansion.com using the EXACT Paypal address you used in purchasing your “TWILIGHT ZONE” subscription (or your payment will be refunded) in the amount of $65 for a Std “The War of the Worlds” edition or $100 for a Variant “The War of the Worlds” edition by 11:59 PM PST Tues. You must add shipping of $15 for domestic or $25 international and CA buyers need add 7.5% ($4.88 for a Std/$7.50 for a Variant) or their purchases will be refunded. Failure to forward your advance payment by that time will be understood as a pass and your reserved “The War of the Worlds” piece released for general sale to the public on Friday, Sept 5th. Those purchasing a “TWILIGHT ZONE” subscription before Tuesday’s deadline are still entitled to a reserve on Tom Whalen’s “The War of the Worlds.”

“The War of the Worlds” limited edition print is created by Dark Hall Mansion. “The War of the Worlds” is a registered trademark of Paramount Pictures.  More information can be found on these and other editions available from Dark Hall Mansion at www.DarkHallMansion.com 


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