Mondo’s ‘We Buy Your Kids’ Solo Show: “Harsh Majical” Looks Awesome


Two of the nicest people in pop culture art, Australians, Sonny and Biddy of WE BUY YOUR KIDS, recently had a solo show at Mondo’s gallery in Austin, Texas.  Called “Harsh Majical.”  The duo showed up for the event and here are some exclusive photos from the opening by Austin, TX photographer TRENT LESIKAR.

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Here is how Mondo described the event on their BLOG.

Mondo welcomes back beloved Australian artist duo, We Buy Your Kids, for the next gallery show, “Harsh Majical.” The show will run from August 29th through September 15th. The opening reception will be Friday, August 29th from 7 –10pm at the Mondo Gallery, located at 4115 Guadalupe St. in Austin, TX.

gGZK0lq92KyYYcsodxFD1h2PbpczlyCT1C4PX6lhyPk,vYND-MXmiskA9W14YyJrs7VJXtaNTC_ukdMdxmG3hYQ,ZDg80kB1ezZ1LvtotdWiu4okp6dBNCUIh9xjXNezqcQ Kk0gjJf3A3tCuzKPdlbpraG-kuhXbi9DoGaQeNZnG8M,JjCsbkqlaF2n9dwrmnnia5tvAbneEX-Cz5IJnl-p9BY,ZisjxKZW5QyWXtmV0aOjwE2BMazPZ6JtSBCqU873xIg


Sonny Day and Biddy Maroney, the faces behind Sydney-based We Buy Your Kids, are known for their colorful, off-beat design style. They combine hand-made and digital techniques to create their work, often experimenting with color, shape and texture. Their influences include a shared love of comic books, skateboarding, music and film.

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The show’s title, “Harsh Majical,” came from a direct English translation of a Chinese description of WBYK’s work. “We felt it might sum up the final outcome, but more importantly describes the fun we’ve had working on this collection.” It will include prints from films previously tackled by Mondo artists, such as Alien and The Fly, but will also introduce some new titles such as White Men Can’t Jump and Thrashin’.





“When we started to think about movies for the show, Alien was one of the first that we chose,” said WBYK. “We both love it, everyone loves it, it’s an all time classic.” They had originally gone for a more static, art deco approach to the print, focusing on beautiful designs of the helmet and monster frozen in space. “It didn’t quite seem to illustrate the horror of the film, or the tension. Instead we let it rip with a bolder image of the terror inside man.”

EA6J6nyZvM9gbb52YNxtFjzhwyvkHB4HTVU5kCo8U4Q,j2K2afX_aJVe7uipuMBfCLxjdYg-SxW6-s60II9jKsM 0luMkD7Oh2hnLRtxxrxG17wcGOYcAmzYjWozSOgm-EA,nCAdNolaMueJ5U4IhvDILJQdj1dUbld-aFfUR8ML58M,g1t2puCQIERTxRex1VphwsObozW8B03_Tk2T1wvS0GU kp6lmKCzwz5KrFMJWLtrEOKtKg2PU6dXMHmBagLmDJk,OGWRBl3MLDPIVtsWoGHeNFUxs9L4SqSnXEasMGW1RHo

The show will also feature a softer take on sci-fi horror classic, The Fly. “When I first watched the film, I was surprised at how touching and sad it was. This tenderness was the first thing we wanted to convey in the poster. We zoomed right in so we could focus on those human emotions that run right through the movie, which are often overlooked in favour of the iconic glowing sci-fi, goopy-fleshed imagery,” said Day.


In addition to creating prints for Mondo’s online store, this will be the second gallery show featuring art from the talented duo. Their first, entitled “Tina’s Mom’s Boyfriend” (which opened in December of 2012), was a huge success and “Harsh Majical” is expected to be equally bizarre and awesome.

“We are over the moon to have another chance to show our work in their amazing space,” said the pair. “We cannot wait to get back to Austin.”

As you can see, Sonny and Biddy did a fantastic job.  Click the link below to see even more exclusive photos from this amazing opening.

LKHJkqXjolapj8YjWaOaYTQARVdlBb8c_kaQqU6v1JU,0vHmrUCX0qY8cCxbbruN62SgcG2ANVDnPTZ_D3bi_zo,U6w4h6StDZvnUm63wcs5i5PXWJLhooMGm2boO62OWrU kN2bYdCyyLNDRQI3HVpGaQPCJ0qQE7edSuhyafqjbgY,Uvt3elmLAG55VZoLgfi-XCtJlmU6AZ-FtdNvzzZzgUI 49eUPYvhKjSwH1aOPs3Y5o6flw6C_NZVb_s5RL-NiMM,OlgkLndfAhk7IA_R-6VtMvhHcz6wH3dwzajzIGmhpJM BM_davKW3-tykL0gCjZOA6Km1_NJ5zUG30D_zgoOJQM,jrphi2AE0bexHGrRJ6AcG-mN_8kDFW2G4bZ9sQJoJKk

ZQVkyDjWTAdiUV4d5MfR-S2BXWBV60qPqY7GQeizszQ,LPmDOrAN6-Irt4_ZyYys-qW9Jz5atk8BftmrGSlP1VU 1xoXOGniqx1q1V8uOpuVOquBW-dTJJsNe77jn5cKFGA,-zC-N3p5_CXG-2VD8ObHOZ645sqjDuNLM3-FskqNU_8 BNg7mvqjOGNgu6PXzeFur5x935ZPuyod66gcuK89p8A,Mo-Q2iKe8XpJIL5Mnj5iOyF45W0mPYYaia3o3KcZTVE gFCe--BgI-dcZU-GlXVe1T_P0rd5ksLorKVAuLKefwE,9yJq3sK81XEwL_4AB8BOmnabHR84myctgaoZbRO_mQ8

The first 15 folks in line were given these really cool koozies or as they are called in Australia, “stubby holders.”


Huge thanks to Trent Lesikar for the photos of the event and be sure to check out his TUMBLR PAGE to see more of his amazing photography.


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