Poster Posse Member Tracie Ching Delivers A Chilling Print For This Years Official Poster At Walker Stalker Con

Walker Stalker Con is a pretty amazing and special event.  First off, it’s NOT a convention.  It’s a fan meet-up and an opportunity for guests to come away feeling like they’ve had an amazing experience and became part of a greater community of zombie lovers.  The event is funded by the fans and is FOR the fans.


It was started by James and Eric who, like many of us, fell in LOVE with AMC’s record-breaking, smash-hit series, “The Walking Dead.”  They were fortunate enough to go see the set and meet some of the actors of the show and immediately began a podcast about the show and genre of horror movies.  After that, they wanted to recreate the amazing experience THEY had on the set for fans everywhere and WALKER STALKER CON was born!


As you can image, WALKER STALKER CON is a pretty major event and this year, one of the original members of the Poster Posse, Tracie Ching, got the call to do the official posters for the event!  She was honored by the opportunity and we think she has absolutely delivered 2 beautifully creepy versions for fans to covet and collect.

Posters are available now for preorder to be picked up at the convention only.  Be sure you preorder yours early because the run will be extremely limited!


Official “Walker Stalker Con” Poster – by Tracie Ching

(Regular edition)

11″ ×17″

Silk screen print

Hand signed and numbered by the artist

($20 – Available for preorder HERE)



Official “Walker Stalker Con” Poster – by Tracie Ching

(Variant edition)

11″ ×17″

Silk screen print

Hand signed and numbered by the artist & by founders James & Eric

$30 (SOLD OUT)

As an added bonus you can also preorder this fantastic print on a T-Shirt!  Yep, you can get it in every size from extra small to 4 X extra large!  T-shirts can be preordered HERE.


The ONLY snafu is that you MUST pick the T-shirts and or Posters up AT the convention.  They will not be mailing any items out.  This shouldn’t be too big a problem because chances are that you KNOW someone who IS going to this amazing event.  Have them get it for you and send it your way!  Better yet, head down to Atlanta, GA this October 17 – 19th and attend the event yourself.  Meet the cast and crew from The Walking Dead, as well as other horror/ zombie related films and mix it up with fans of the undead.




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