Johnny Dombrowski Celebrates Batman’s 75th Anniversary With A Devilish New Print


We are LOVING the constant attention on Batman this year.  YES, it is his 75th Anniversary but it’s non-stop awesome as far as we are concerned.  (Can we all agree to do it all over again NEXT year and simply celebrate his 76th Anniversary too?)

Johnny Dombrowski is a freelance artist living in New York City.  His client list includes: Mondo, Wired, Maxim, Billboard, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Backpacker, Penthouse, PLANSPONSOR, DC Comics, Golf Digest, Village Voice, Society of Illustrators New York, Kill Screen, Versus and more.  We recently shared with you his awesome print for, “Murder on the Orient Express” which he did for the folks over at Black Dragon Press.  Now he has gotten into the celebration of the Dark Knight with an all new print.


We reached out to Johnny to learn more about this awesome new offering and here is what he had to say.  Flip through any comic sketch book and the Dark Knight is sure to be scribbled on at least one page. Batman was one of, if not, the reason I started drawing as a kid. Something in his anti-hero and mysterious persona drew me in much more than the others.


Much more in to the shadows. He was real. Bruce Wayne never had any radioactive or alien powers to help him. Just his own blood, sweat and fears. Yes, being a billionaire helped too but it took more than a just rich man to wear that cowl.


And though it’s tempting to draw the iconic Batman standing above his city, surrounded by gargoyles and spotlights, I prefer him down on the streets. Again, in to the alleyways and the shadows. It was never the superhero but rather the detective that caught my eye.


That kept me flipping through the pages- the critical thinking beyond all of the fights and gadgets. So instead of showing an over-the-top brawl against his villains like the Joker, Catwoman or Two-Face, I wanted to plant the first seeds. Only make their acquaintance. Even Batman’s arch-nemesis started out as nothing more than a simple playing card.

Batman is meant to be gritty and hard edged right?  I mean the poor guy watched as his parents were gunned down right in front of his eyes!  Click the link below to see the full print in all its dark glory.


Side note, we love GIFs like these because they REALLY do a great job at bringing the print to life.  NOTE TO ALL ARTISTS…..DO MORE GIFS!  If you look closely, Johnny has thrown a bunch of clues in there for Batman’s OTHER villains.  Can you spot them all?


You can pick this beauty up by clicking RIGHT HERE.  Quantities are very limited so get it whilst you can.  Be sure to follow Johnny VIA:





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