The Poster Posse Travels To Prague For A Robot Themed Exhibit/ Festival: “Cafe Neu Romance” By Vive Les Robots!

ImageGen.ashxThis summer, Poster Posse member, vector mad-man, Orlando Arocena was asked to participate in a fantastic upcoming exhibit at Cafe Neu Romance in Prague, Czech Republic.  After talking to the curator of the exhibit, Orlando says, “Ya know…..I’m also part of a group of artists that could create some awesome stuff for your show.”  One thing led to another, e-mails were exchanged and BAM! 4 more Posse members were asked to jump in. Daniel Nash, Matt Ferguson, Joe Vetoe, and Andy Fairhurst were called into action and the rest just fell into place.  Members were asked to provide something that tied into the them of the show and the organizer utilized work from their portfolios as well as some new work but a couple of the guys.  At the end of the day, it’s all great stuff and we are looking forward to seeing the entire exhibit.  (Check out their Facebook Page for some sneak peeks at other offerings.)


3 Iron Man themed prints by Orlando Arocena

The exhibit is part of a greater robot performance festival which takes place in the gallery of the most prestigious public building built in Prague for the last 20 years, The National Technical Library.  (Click the links below each print to see what the artists have to say about their work.)


Terminator by Orlando Arocena

At Cafe Neu Romance different positions related to robots, robotics, and robot-related areas like cyborgs and trans-humanists can meet each other, and the general public. Earlier great artists and designers like France Cadet, Matthew Gardiner, Zaven Paré, Anouk Wipprecht have been at the festival with companies like LEGO Group and ABB Robotics, and people from the maker-movement.

Trask Industries -Dan Nash

Trask Industries by Daniel Nash


Pacific Rim by Matt Ferguson

Here are some official words about the exhibit.  “The main theme of Cafe Neu Romance will be “The Mechanical Man of the Future”. The theme will mark that it is 100 years ago since Gustav Meyrink wrote Golem, the novel that populized the myth on the Prague Golem. At Cafe Neu Romance the theme will not only be integrated as a part of the exhibition, but also in some of the lectures, workshop and film.”

iRobot Preview blueish

I Robot by Joe Vetoe

Needless to say, we are honored to be able to participate in this exhibition.  Orlando ALMOST had us talked into traveling over to Prague to check it out but it didn’t happen.  To find out more about Vive Les Robots! you can go to their OFFICIAL SITE HERE.  The exhibition runs from November 26 – 29th so if you find yourself walking the streets of Prague during these dates, go check it out.


Robocop by Andy Fairhurst



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