Scott Hopko’s Latest Release: “Poltergeist” Is An Absolute MONSTER

Directed by Tobe Hooper and written by Steven Spielberg, 1982’s horror hit, “Poltergeist” has long been a fan favorite.  I can still remember how creepy I thought “Tangia” (Zelda Rubinstein) was even though she HELPED the family fight the evil.  (Of course Zelda’s creepiness paled in comparison to Reverend Henry Kane (Julian Beck) in the sequel but I need to stay on topic here.)

POLTERGEIST (hopko designs) d


Scott Hopko created an awesome tribute to the film with a print of staggering proportions.  This is the first time Scott is offering this print and he has decided to go BIG. How big you ask?  Well this baby is coming in at a whopping 27″ X 40″!  As you can see, this was even startling news to Carol Anne!

POLTERGEIST (hopko designs) a

Horror fans will surely appreciate the over-sized aspect and this beauty will look AMAZING framed up.  Take a look at the full image and then click the link below for an extra added bonus when you order this print.

POLTERGEIST (hopko designs) 72

“Go into the Light” by Hopko Designs

• Giclee• Limited Edition of 25
• Signed/Numbered
• Printed on high quality poster stock.
• Approximately 27″ x 40″ (One sheet size)
• Shipped rolled in cardboard tube International.


Click the link below for a BLURPPY EXCLUSIVE BONUS!

Scott is also giving fans a fantastic added value to their purchase of “Poltergeist.”  For Blurppy’s fans, Scott will ALSO include a limited edition version of his sold out “Iron Giant” print.  Scott originally sold this amazing “Iron Giant” print at Hero Complex Gallery.  (This is one of our FAVORITE Hopko creations!)  It was a HUGE success at the show and now he will be offering a smaller version as a THANK YOU to fans who pick up the “Poltergeist” print.

The Iron Giant (Blurrpy Exl) 72 dpi

Iron Giant – Hopko Designs

7″ X 20″ 

FREE with “Poltergeist” purchase

OH….and did we mention “free shipping?”  Yep, Blurppy fans simply need to enter the code NR3TRV during checkout and you will receive the “Poltergeist” print, the “Iron Giant” print AND get free shipping!  WIN….WIN…..WIN!

HUGE thanks to Scott for giving our fans a VERY cool added incentive on this one.  Go get yours today!



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5 Responses to Scott Hopko’s Latest Release: “Poltergeist” Is An Absolute MONSTER

  1. he got Carol Anne all wrong. Her hair looked nothing like that. The part is wrong, the bangs look all wrong….. even the face is off… it ruins it for me. If she was fixed, the rest is fine.


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