EXCLUSIVE! Feast Your Eyes Upon Phase 2 Of The Poster Posse’s Stellar Tribute To… “Interstellar”

….see what we did there….”stellar?”  Yesterday we gave you a look at Phase 1 of our tribute to Christopher Nolan’s upcoming Sci-Fi adventure, “Interstellar.”  Fans really seemed to love all the art and today we are bringing you the final part of the project.

Interstellar-Trailer nolan

This time out we are featuring the  art of Poster Posse members: Simon Delart, Orlando Arocena, Richard Davies, Daniel Nash, Matt Needle, Benjamin Mcleod, Ben Whitesell, Andy Fairhurst, and Luke Butland.  One thing to keep in mind is that we do these projects months ahead of the movie’s release date and all we have for resources are teaser trailers and interviews from around the web.  This amazing art is conjured up from the very depths of each artist’s imagination.

INTERSTELLAR_Orlando Arocena_2014_PPOrlando Arocena – USA   Understanding that the general theme of the movie is about how the Earth’s natural resources can longer sustain life, and how the Human Race must risk it all in the exploration of a better, more sustainable world, I found inspiration by looking at cosmic charts and spiritual iconography from many cultures. I made a connection by metaphorically representing the space craft launching off Earth in a quest for life with the symbolic representation of the “Seed of Life”. – Orlando Arocena

INTERSTELLAR_Seed of Life_Orlando Arocena_2014_PP

Orlando Arocena – “Seed Of Life” variant



Simon Delart – France  (This evil genius created this image utilizing 2328 triangles….yep, we said triangles.)



Matt Needle – U.K.



Andy Fairhurst – U.K. 

Daniel Nash - Interstellar Fin Small PP

Daniel Nash – U.K.

Click the link below to see the rest of the Poster Posse’s amazing art tribute to “Interstellar.”



Ben Mcleod – U.K.


Interstellar poster

Richard Davies – U.K. 


Luke Butland – U.K.  Nolan’s films are all generally shrouded in secrecy and you never really know what your going to get until you have actually sat down in the Cinema and watched the full film, ‘Interstellar’ is no different.  A film with a fantastic premise but little known about the actual events within the film. But what has become obvious through the trailer releases is that the heart of this film is about family and the people you love and that’s what I wanted to focus on within this print. Not so much the rockets and space travel but more the reason as to why MM’s character has gone to do what he does…… the idea all spawned from that one line in the trailer “Love is the one thing that transcends time and space” , Hope you guys like it !! – Luke Butland

MMAndBarnDetail ChastainDetail



Ben Whitesell – USA


Benjamin Mcleod – U.K.

So there you have it, Poster Posse Project #11 is in the books.  Please take a moment to let us know which pieces from both phases are your favorites.  As always, a HUGE thank you goes out to the members of the Posse who take the time out of their busy schedules to help make these projects really special.  To stay up to date with the Posse you can follow us on FACEBOOK and TWITTER and stay tuned, we have something special planned for October….

(That was ALMOST as good as the cliffhanger at the end of every episode of the 1960’s Batman TV series.)



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13 Responses to EXCLUSIVE! Feast Your Eyes Upon Phase 2 Of The Poster Posse’s Stellar Tribute To… “Interstellar”

  1. Lori Hill says:

    I am really impressed by Andy Fairhurst’s poster, and if I got to pick a runner up it would be Ben McLeod’s poster with the wintery grass and the hills in the background with the rocket launching. I’m not sure if I can explain why Andy Fairhurst’s poster seems to have such impact. There is a gorgeous planet above but I think it’s the harsh white “lighting” around the astronaut who is shown in stark detail, it is chilling. Great work by all of the artists!


    • blurppy says:

      Thanks, “wintery grass” is a PERFECT description for Ben’s piece. Glad you liked the project! If this is your first time here be sure to go back and check out the past 10 projects buy the group!


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  8. bhillreiner says:

    Reblogged this on Kiss of Mothra and commented:
    Die hier sind ja NOCH besser als die Fan-Poster aus Teil 1.
    Jetzt bleibt die Aufgabe, sich nicht vom Hype erschlagen zu lassen, bevor der Film das Licht der Leinwand erblicken wird.


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  11. Incredible Posters! Wish I could of had mine featured on this :/
    Anyway of mine being featured? https://www.behance.net/gallery/21503111/Interstellar


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