Poster Posse Member Orlando Arocena Goes “Retro” With His Latest Video Game Inspired Print

Recently, Poster Posse member Orlando Arocena was approached by Retro Magazine to do the art for a cover of their upcoming magazine.  For those of you that long for the video games of your youth, Retro Magazine is JUST for you.  They team up with some of the most popular and influential gaming journalists and personalities from the past three decades to bring folks just like you, an independent print, digital and online publication dedicated to the past, present and future of the video gaming pastime that will hearken back to the amazing magazines from the 80′s, 90′s and early 2000′s.

Retro magazine cover Orlando Arocena

As usual, Orlando has delivered a rather stunning vector piece for the magazine cover and now the print is available to purchase!  Here is what Orlando had to say about the project over on his BEHANCE PAGE.  I grew up with a first generation Coleco console game (1980 – I was only 8) – It looked like this…


…but since then I’ve seen the evolution of many different platforms, the rise (and fall) of video titans and also seen the culture grow around so many iconic characters ( both good and bad ).  When I was asked by RETRO to do this cover, I couldn’t resist an opportunity to go back and revisit some of the many characters that had made me crazy with getting to the next level.


Just looking at Orlando’s WIP’s gives us a headache and the end result is always mind-blowing.  To create these works of art Orlando utilizes an IMAC + ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR CC + WACOM INTUOS4 with no gradient mesh, no plugins and no embedded rasters.  (If we are being completely honest here, NONE of that makes sense to us, all we know is that we love the finished product.  We could care less if he uses a banana dipped in strawberry juice! It looks fantastic!)

RETRO_18x24_Orlando Arocena_2014

“Retro” – by Orlando Arocena – $35

Limited edition of 35

Signed and numbered by the artist


? QUIZ….. can you name all 6 characters featured in Orlando’s print ?

Be sure to follow Orlando on TWITTER and FACEBOOK to stay up to date with all his newest offerings.  We were just talking to him yesterday and he has a TON Of amazing stuff coming out over the next 3 + months, STAY TUNED!


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