John Aslarona’s Versions Of The Joker & Harley Quinn Are Creepy & Sexy

There has been a TON of attention given to Batman this year and with good cause.  Everyone’s favorite detective turns 75 this year.  We were so enthralled with his anniversary that the Poster Posse did a massive five phase tribute project celebrating it.  (Check out all the art from that project here: PHASE 1, PHASE 2, PHASE 3, PHASE 4, PHASE 5)

RD-TEE-2Well New York artist, John Aslarona has gone in a different direction and come up with 2 amazing prints that clearly show us a match made in heaven…or is it hell?  John has given us an extremely creepy portrait of the Joker along with a rather sexy companion piece of Harley Quinn.

As you must certainly know, the Joker is Batman’s arch nemesis.  His methods are cruel and he dances on the edge of madness but he is well calculated, has no remorse and always knows how to get under the Dark Knight’s skin.

Harley Quinn, whose name is a simple play on the word “harlequin”, is the girlfriend of the Joker.  She is entranced by his “charm and wit” and can also be a mean little bi*ch when necessary.  Her love for the Joker knows no bounds and she will go to great lengths to win his attention and please him regardless of the consequences.


John’s two pieces brilliantly capture the essence of both characters.  Just looking at the the Joker’s maniacal gaze sends shivers up your spine because you have to imagine that he is planning something horrific and that you are his next victim.


Harley’s distant gaze is soft yet deceiving.  However it leaves us longing to be her next victim.  (Too much info?  Sorry, we know she is evil but John makes her look pretty sensational.)


We asked John about these images and he had a few words for us.  “I painted Joker’s “Killer Smile” first in 2011 and thought of doing a piece to hang next to it. I was thinking of doing a Batman portrait but never got around to doing it and on a second thought, I felt Harley would be a better partner to the print so I painted “Mad Love” last year. I thought their relationship was really funny and interesting during Batman: The Animated Series. They’re definitely one of my fave comic-book couples. I would imagine it was Joker’s sadism and and Harley’s hopeless romanticism that gave it that perfect blend of tough love and mad love that made their relationship really awesome to me.” – John Aslarona

Click the link below to see the final version of each print along with direct links where you can purchase them!


“Mad Love” by John Aslarona  $25

・Limited Edition Print

・13″ x 19″ (½-inch borders around 12″x18″ print)

・Signed and Numbered

****** PURCHASE HERE ******


“Killer Smile” – by John Aslarona  $25

・Limited Edition Print

・13″ x 19″ (½-inch borders around 12″x18″ print)

・Signed and Numbered

Will begin shipping on October 3, 2014

****** PURCHASE HERE ******


As you can see, these prints are a must-have for any Joker/ Harley fans and they will INSTANTLY make your walls look better.  I’m not too sure I could sleep with that Joker print in my bedroom though.

Be sure to check out John’s OFFICIAL WEBSITE to see an incredible amount of highly desirable art.  Hit his STORE to pick up numerous prints and follow him on TWITTER and FACEBOOK for updates on his next release.  Stay tuned because John is also one of the newest members of the POSTER POSSE and he is about to release a whole bunch of awesome….

P.S. How creepy and COOL is his log with the blinking Red Skull?  DAMN WE LOVE THAT!


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