Exclusive: Private Commission Reveal – Barret Chapman’s “Taxi Driver”

Over the past few months, we have been sharing some private commission work and today we give you a look at Barret Chapman’s “Taxi Driver” piece.  We like to show you guys these things whenever possible because there is a TON of private commission work that never see’s the light of day and the art is pretty fantastic.

TaxiDriver_VERSION_A_WIP01_Barret Chapman

We reached out to Barret and asked him a few questions about this project and his work in general.  Here is what he had to say.

BLURPPY – How long have you been doing poster art?

BC – I’m a relative newcomer to the poster art scene.  Joe at Bottleneck Gallery saw some of my artwork and he invited me to be part of their “It Came From 1984” show earlier this year.  I did 2 pieces, Police Academy and Romancing the Stone.  Bottleneck did a great job putting a show of great art celebrating a highpoint for 80’s film making. 

PoliceAcademy_BarretChapman“Integrity, Knowledge, Courage” by Barret Chapman
Giclee print

11.5″ x 20″ 

numbered edition of 50



“I’ve Never Been Anybody’s Best Time Before” by Barret Chapman

Giclee print

10.5″ x 20″ 

numbered edition of 50


BLURPPY- Are you new to private commissions or is this a regular thing for you?

BC – After the Bottleneck show I started getting requests for private commissions, Taxi Driver is only my second commission so far.  This group has been very enthusiastic, word spread and my schedule booked up pretty quickly for future commissions.

TaxiDriver_VERSION_A_FINAL_Barret Chapman

“Taxi Driver” by Barret Chapman – regular edition

BLURPPY – What drew you to this particular project?

BC – What drew me to the project was the opportunity to try out a screen print for the first time.  The process is a new one for me and quite different from the way I usually work, so I had to do a bunch of research before I felt I could pull it off.  So I guess I have to wait to see the printed poster to know…cross my fingers.

TaxiDriverSketch_VERSION_A_01_Barret Chapman“Taxi Driver” W.I.P. 

BLURPPY – How involved was the commission group or did they just say, “Have at it?

BC – Jeffrey, the group lead on Taxi Driver and I worked very closely together during the whole project.  He had an idea for the poster in his head and let me take that idea and come up with my own spin.  This was Jeffrey’s first poster lead and my first time doing a screen print so we had a steady stream of emails back and forth…it was very collaborative and fun!  I’m looking forward to working with Jeffrey again in the future.  

TaxiDriver_VERSIONB_FINAL_Barret Chapman“Taxi Driver” by Barret Chapman – variant edition

BLURPPY – What was the most difficult aspect of this project from a creative point of view?

BC – Being such a classic, Taxi Driver has been a popular film in the poster scene.  There has been some truly amazing prints done for it and we wanted to find something fresh.  So that was daunting at first but as with any creative project, you have to let that fear go and just focus on doing the best you can.  

BLURPPY – What projects do you have coming up?  Gallery shows, print drops, etc.?

Evil Dead Musical 2014PosterREV2_Barret Chapman

BC – I’m pretty busy actually!  I just finished a poster for a production of ‘Evil Dead the Musical’ here in Vancouver.  I’m also working with a director to do the poster for his first feature, and I currently have a full plate of commissions that should keep me busy till next year!  This gig is a perfect marriage of two of my passions…art and movies.  So I’m really looking forward to revisiting some great films to prepare for those jobs.

BLURPPY – I know this is usually a difficult question for artists but can you let me know what are your favorite prints from your current portfolio?

BC – I’d have to say my Icons of Horror and my HP Lovecraft prints.

Halloween. Barret Chapman HP Lovecraft_Barret Chapman

A HUGE thank you to Barret and Jeffrey for taking the time to answer our questions and for allowing us to share this fantastic art.  You can follow Barret and stay up to date on his latest releases, collaborations and upcoming gallery shows by following his BLOG.


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1 Response to Exclusive: Private Commission Reveal – Barret Chapman’s “Taxi Driver”

  1. Suzie Müller says:

    Barrett…. you are beyond talented!!! I am just simply in awe and really enjoyed seeing your work!!
    Suz 🙂


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