Candykiller Takes Us To The Wastelands With His New Mad Max 2 Tribute Print

EASILY one of our all-time favorite post-apocalyptic franchises EVER is the original Mad Max series.  (We have high hopes for next years reboot too!)  Poster Posse member Brian Taylor, AKA “Candykiller“, has just released a brilliant new print for the 1981 classic: “Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior.”

1525140_816293621736406_2891835167383408276_nThe franchise launched the career of Australian actor Mel Gibson to super star level and has become a pop culture favorite for fans all over the globe.  Gibson’s portrays his loner, vagabond character perfectly and director George Miller delivered a visual smorgashboard that has endured the 35 years since the first film was released in 1979.

10603527_819157701449998_2469828067902358421_nBrian’s print centers on the films main characters, Gibson as as “Max Rockatansky”, (quite possibly the BEST name ever given to a character in film to this day.) Bruce Spence as “The Gyro Captain” and Kjell Nilsson as “The Humungus”.  Getting equal time in the spotlight is Max’s super bad-ass vehicle, the black supercharged V-8 Pursuit Special.  The color palette of the print fits the film perfectly, highlighting the harsh, dry environment the film takes place it.

As soon as we saw this print it immediately made us want to go watch it all over again and  we were pleased to find out that we were still entertained by Miller’s second offering in the series.  Brian is now selling these prints in his STORE.  Here is all the info and a full shot of pure apocalyptic awesomeness.

madmax2“Mad Max 2” by Candykiller

★ Signed full colour litho print on 140gsm silk finish paper (open edition) 
★ Size – A2 420mm x 594mm, 16.5″ x 23.4″ 
★ $25 / £15 (approx) including packaging and shipping worldwide


Head on over to Brian’s store to pick up your copy today.  While you are there, browse around because it is PACKED with stuff that will make your walls look immensely better.    If you order 2 or more movie prints you can get a 40% DISCOUNT by adding the discount code “MULTIPACK” at checkout!  Be sure to follow Brian on TWITTER to stay up to date with new print drops, collaborations and upcoming gallery shows.




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