Enter To Win A VERY Rare Set Of Official “Guardians Of The Galaxy” Prints By Matt Ferguson

Earlier this year the Poster Posse did a massive project based on the #1 movie of the year, Marvel’s, “Guardians of the Galaxy.”  (If you MISSED that project, you can see it HERE and HERE.  James Gunn loved it and we hope you do too.  Sorry, had to name drop.)  Well one of the members of the Poster Posse, U.K. artist Matt Ferguson was then asked by Marvel U.K. to do a separate series of promotional prints for the film.


Needless to say, the posters are absolutely fantastic and highly desirable.  Well Matt is dipping into his very small private reserves and putting a full set of these beauties up as a prize for his fans.


“How do I win?”  “How do I enter?”  “Whatta I gotta do to win me that set of prints?”  First off, calm down, take a deep breath, these are all valid questions and I’m pleased to let you know, entering is VERY easy.


Matt would like to get his FACEBOOK PAGE to 3000 LIKES.  Currently he is at just over 2500.  If you LIKE his FACEBOOK PAGE, you are in the running.  These sets are extremely rare.  If you are a fan of the film, which I think 1 out of every 3 people on the planet IS a fan, then these are a must have.


Here is what Matt had to say over on his FACEBOOK PAGE, (which you need to LIKE to win.  Is that sinking in yet?)  When this page reaches 3000 likes I will do a giveaway of the below posters. These official Guardians Of The Galaxy poster sets are very rare. I only have 20 complete sets myself and they are the only ones signed by me. So help me out by spreading this post… anyone who shares this post and likes my page automatically gets put in the hat.


Well, if THAT isn’t easy enough I don’t know what to tell ya.  Let’s try and get Matt’s page to 5K or even 10K likes before the weekend is up!  Please share this with everyone you went to see GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY with!  The more the merrier and good luck!


Oh, and you should also follow Matt on TWITTER and go check out his OFFICIAL WEBSITE.  He has an insane amount of HDA there.


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