New Flesh Announces Their 3rd Anniversary Tube Sale And We Can’t WAIT!

What comes in a cylinder and always puts a smile on your face?  PRINTS! The more the better and that is JUST what is going on with New Flesh starting on Wednesday, October 15th.  As a thank you to fans, New Flesh will launch their third anniversary tube sale filled with tons of awesome.  There are some GREAT prints going out in these, check out their announcement below.


On sale at noon on Wednesday, October 15 – 17 (or until they sell out) ~$50
Each tube will include:
– three 18”x24” posters
– two smaller prints “11×14” or 12”x12” etc., including one of two that was made specifically   for this sale.
– stickers

This tube sale has been 4 years in the making. We have prints starting with our first release and almost everything going all the way though 2013. There are over 40 unique prints to pull from including Regulars and Variants.


Also, included in the sale will be “Test Prints” that were the “1st” prints of about 15 different posters. These print were the working prints that have notes on them and are literally the first impressions made of each layer in the run. These are early NF posters circa The Birds.

There will also be a some special prints randomly inserted into the tubes.
Included in these prints are:
– Watch this. Watch what? on pearl paper. Only 2 printed.
– Pacific Rim regular on pearl paper. From run of 15.
– Amittyville Horror variant. From A/P run of 5.
– All in the Game (The Wire) “test print” Regular inks on Variant paper. 1 of 1.
and yes. . .
– Prometheus Test Print. (has different black ink than final run.) Only 3 printed, this may be the last survivor.

Finally, we want you to be really pleased with what prints you get. That being said if you list your top five prints (or more) that you are looking for in the Paypal notes, we will do our best to get 3 of those in your tube. If you just want to be surprised, no note needed. Remember these are based on what we have and will dole out the prints flat file sale style.


Basically, if you say you want “Building Better Worlds” as your top pick and we still have it, it will go in your tube. If we don’t we move to the next one on your list and so on. Once you have a print, we move on to the next order. I am not sure how many top picks this will get everyone but, the sooner you order, the better the odds. It is worth mentioning that this does not apply to the “special prints” listed. Those are going to be picked completely randomly. 

*If you don’t want “test prints” you can list that in the notes as well. These do have notes and some have stray or uneven ink. They are unique one-of-kind record of the printing and I want these to go to people who want them.

So let me get this straight, you can give them a heads up as to the ones you REALLY want and they are going to get you at least 3 of the 5!?  THESE are not going to last through Wednesday so be SURE to jump on board as SOON as they open this up to the public.  My HEAD is spinning!  What would I get?  SO much awesome to consider….I’ve gotta go, I have some research / homework to do!  That Prometheus test print is pretty freakin’ sweet but I have wanted that IRON MAN print FOREVER!  (I know, I know, they don’t have that Iron Man print anymore….it’s on my ISO list.)

Follow New Flesh on TWITTER and be sure to head over to their OFFICIAL WEBSITE for this amazing sale.  Good luck to all!


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