EXCLUSIVE! Dark Hall Mansion Partners Up With “Authentic Hendrix” On 3 Outstanding New Prints By Max Dalton


You’d be hard pressed to find ANYONE in music today that would not recognize and appreciate the pure genius of Jimi Hendrix.  We’re talking exceedingly accomplished guitarists like Eric Clapton, BB King, Joe Satriani, Jimmy Page, Tom Morello, Prince, Slash, Carlos Santana, and many more, all of who would probably gush at the massive influence Jimi had on music and culture in such a short time.


Dark Hall Mansion also greatly appreciates Jimi’s influences and they are beyond proud to be working closely with Authentic Hendrix (the official Jimi Hendrix Family/ Estate licensor) to bring music fans everywhere a set of fantastic, officially licensed prints by artist Max Dalton.

Max had this to say about the legend….Jimi Hendrix.  I’m not sure when I discovered Hendrix. It’s something that seems to have been always there. Like your belly button.  But what I do remember well is that I wanted to sound like him when I started to play the guitar at the age of eleven. I also remember having a video tape of the Moneterrey Pop concert and watching it over and over again, and then trying to play those songs on my dad’s old acoustic guitar.  I think “Wild thing” was one of the first songs I’ve ever learned to play. But, who would know, I didn’t sound like him at all, so I thought “it must be this crappy guitar”. With the time and after lots of summers working at a local supermarket I finally could get my first strat, really hoping that Jimi’s sound will magically come to me. It didn’t.


Many years later I realized his supreme sound is not in his guitar, or in his amps or even on his exclusively made effects. There’s something on him that will always remain absolute. Still don’t know what it is and, as far as I know, nobody still could match him. So, since that magic can’t be drawn, I chose to make this poster, showing all his paraphernalia, just to validate my many years of research. To sound close to him I’ve given up long time ago.

Max was kind enough to take some time out of his busy schedule to give us a few words about himself and the project as well as some process shots.  Once you read this and see the final result, I think you will find that he was the perfect choice for this project.



MAX DALTON – I’ve been painting since I was a little kid – I am mostly self-taught and never stopped since then, always thinking that I wanted to be an artist. But for many reasons like fear, pressure from my parents, pressure from society in general, etc. I felt that being an artist was a silly fantasy that only a few illuminates could achieve. So, after high school I went into the design school to become a graphic designer, which was the closest I could get to make a living by doing what I liked.  But it was a mistake, that wasn’t even close to what I expected, so I thought it was better to drop the pencils already. Then I went to music school and stayed there for five years, trying to become a professional musician.I worked here and there meanwhile, doing everything but art. Finally I started working at the art department of an ad agency in Buenos Aires, but I wasn’t happy at all either. I thought that if I continued doing that, I would kill myself briefly. By that time I read something an ancient painter said, that “an artist must travel the world at least for two years to become a master”. That sentence made a lot of sense to me and I had nothing to lose so I dropped everything I had, sold my guitars except one and with that money I bought a ticket to Paris. Over there I spent the most wonderful time, painting all day and playing the guitar to make some money. I only could afford to eat dried pasta and cheese once a day, but even so, I was very happy. Everything changed when I sold a few paintings to a renowned American collector. Then champagne, sport cars, drugs and prostitutes, which is more or less the life I’m having since then.


Early W.I.P  for this project by Max


MAX DALTON – For the classic painters, I like Pieter Bruegel The Elder, The Pre-Raphaelite- especially Waterhouse, Felicien Rops. For the illustrators, Winsor McCay, John Tenniel, Ed Gorey, Miroslav Sasek. And for the still active and new artists R. Crumb, Chris Ware, Ralph Steadman, Scott Campbell, Jonathan Burton, Tim Doyle. There are more, but those are the ones I can remember right now.


MAX DALTON – Wonderful. I felt free to say whatever I wanted, which is very rare to find in commissions. Also, having access to the very exclusive and unseen pictures of Hendrix, and his handwritten songs was something really amazing.

max in studio


MAX DALTON – Definitely my ’55 Strat. Nothing beats that tone and that feeling. At least not for a traditionalist guy like me, whose reference for the best guitar sound comes from a strat and a twin amp.


MAX DALTON – Hard to say. Probably it’s “Bold as Love.” The moment when he enters the solo is glorious.


MAX DALTON – I guess the strat set on fire, because it represents a lot. It also gives the image a funny touch, it’s just silly to have a guitar in flames hanging on the wall -actually I don’t recommend doing that. It would ruin your wallpaper.

© Jim Marshall Photography LLC

Jimi only set two or three guitars on fire, as far as I know, but surprisingly he will be always remembered for that. Maybe because he was the fire himself. Can you imagine other artist doing that? Well, maybe Jerry Lee. I also always liked the shape of the inverted Gibson Firebird. It’s a very cool guitar and I love watching it.

guitars ref

The gear

1 –  ’68  Black Fender Stratocaster.

2 –  Gibson Firebird

3 –  68’ Martin D-45

4 –  Fender Stratocaster

5 –  Mosrite double neck

6 – 65 Fiesta Red Fender Stratocaster

7 –  ’59 Fender Duo-Sonic

8 –  Gibson ES-335

9 –  Fender Stratocaster with Tele neck

10 –  60’ Zemaitis 12

11 –  ’60 Supro Ozark

12 –  ’64 Olympic White Fender Stratocaster

13 –  ’67 Gretsch Corvette

14 –  ’67 Epiphone FT-79

15 –  ’67 Gibson Flying V painted by Jimi

16 –  Another Martin D-45

17 –  Gibson Les Paul Special

18 –  Danelectro 3021


19 –  ’55 Gibson Les Paul Custom

20 –  ’69 Gibson Flying V

21 –  ‘67Gibson SG Custom

22 –  ’64 Fender Stratocaster “Monterrey” painted by Jimi

23 –  Fender Jaguar

24 –  Acoustic Black Widow Spider

25 –  ’66  Black Fender Stratocaster.

26 –  ’64 Fender Jazzmaster

27 –  ’65  Black Fender Stratocaster burned at The Astoria

28 –  ’68 Olympic White Fender Stratocaster “Woodstock”

29 –  Epiphone Wilshire

30 –  Gretsch 6118 Anniversary- belonged to The Monkeys

31 –  ’67 Sunn Coliseum 100W Amp

32 –  Marshall 1959 Super Lead 100W Amp 4×12 cabinets

33 – Roger Mayer Octavia Fuzz

34 –  Vox V846 Wah

35 –  Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face

36 – Univox Uni-Vibe

After many months of planning and working closely with the Authentic Hendrix , it’s clear that Dark Hall Mansion’s passion for finding JUST the right artist for this special project has paid off.  Click the link below to see Max’s work and find out how and when you can purchase these prints from Dark Hall Mansion.


Max’s 3 prints feature every known guitar that Jimi was known to have played, paired with  the gear he often used.  Many are featured in iconic images of the legendary performer and yes, there is a flaming guitar on the wall as well!

!DHM-Max Jimi-STD

Standard Edition of 295, individually numbered – $65

Each of the three prints in this set measures 20″ X 28″ and features Jimi playing a different guitar from his collection. In the Standard Edition he can be seen playing his black Stratocaster, in the Green Variant he is playing the guitar he played on August 18, 1969 at Woodstock , his blonde ’68 Strat-one and in the Blue Variant he is holding his ’67 Flying V which Jimi personally customized with his own psychedelic artwork.


Green Edition of 35, individually numbered – $100

Each piece is rendered as a Giclee which is how Max’s art is always featured.  (At this size, giclees cost about 50% more to create than screen prints.) The colors and details pop off the print and if you stare long enough, you can almost hear Jimi playing his guitar along with the crackle of the flames from the guitar that is on fire.

!DHM-Max-Jimi-Variant-BlueBlue Edition of 35, individually numbered – $100

These prints go on sale next week, 10/29/14 at a random time between 9:30 AM PST – 12 PM PST.  Dalton is a regular at Spoke Art Gallery and his work regularly sells out.  (Max will be featured in a solo show at Spoke Art Gallery in April of 2015.)  Given the subject matter and it being officially licensed by Authentic Hendrix, these prints will be a must-have for music fans and will certainly be gone before you know it.


Follow Dark Hall Mansion on TWITTER to find out the exact time these prints go on sale.  Be sure to check out Max Dalton’s OFFICIAL WEBSITE and follow him on TWITTER.    Fans of Jimi Hendrix can follow the OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE to learn more about this and other projects centered around Jimi.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, or even care, OUR favorite Hendrix song is “Little Wing.”  There is so much soul in this song that the very first note causes you to catch your breath and hold it until the last note is played.  It truly is a thing of magic and pure poetry.

Dark Hall Mansion continually brings some of the best official prints to market. Whether it’s officially working with Peanuts on fantastic, “memory laneCharlie Brown prints, CBS on official “Twilight Zone” prints or this new project with Authentic Hendrix, their passion for what they truly love always shines through.  Tell us what YOUR favorite Jimi Hendrix song is and let us know what you think about this perfect pairing of artist and official property.


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