Cult Collective Releases Their Second Limited Edition Tee: “Bob-OMB” By Mark Chilcott

After the success of their first limited edition tee with Matt Ferguson, the crew at Cult Collective is back with round two.  This time out they are working with artist Mark Chilcott.  This one is limited to 100 units and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity by the artist.  Here is what Cult Collective had to say about it all.

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 9.09.10 PM

“At Cult Collective we have become fans of a number of artists during our time as a blog and really wanted to look at ways we can work with and support independent artists. A lot of the designs we saw we felt would work really well as cool t-shirts, so we reached out to a few artists whose work we admired.

Mark Chilcott was among those artists. We have admired Mark’s work for a while, his ‘Marionatomy’ series for Bottleneck Gallery was really imaginative, so we looked to work with him to create ‘Bob-OMB’ as a t-shirt with a view to hopefully finishing up the whole set.

We really wanted to set a benchmark in terms of quality, too. There are plenty of websites out there who produce ‘print to tee’ designs. We wanted to produce something of really high quality that art fans and collectors could really appreciate. All of our t-shirts are 100% cotton, eco friendly and fair trade. They look and feel amazing. All the screen printing is hand produced here in the U.K, using water based inks. The feel is exceptional. 

sspacebbomb2productTo make things that little extra special, each of our tees comes with a signed certificate of authenticity by the artist for you to keep hold of and finally, everything is hand packaged!’ – Hensh, Cult Collective

We love the detail of Mark’s work and this image is pretty damn fantastic.  CLICK HERE to order your tee today.


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