Tim Doyle Announces “The Mystery Tube Sale To End Them All!”

Pretty bold claim BUT… Tim has some secret weapons in his arsenal for this one.  Not only will this be his biggest sale with around 270 tubes available but he is also giving fans a shot at a brand new “Unreal Estate” print!

Here is what he had to say about the sale over on his site along with a preview of the brand new “Unreal Estate” print that we’ll all be craving.

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 11.13.35 PM

It’s been 7 months since the last Nakatomi-Wide MYSTERY TUBE SALE, and people’s sanity has returned, and so we’re ready to go AROUND THE WHEEL OF MADNESS AGAIN!  We have more tubes than ever before- about 270, with a few more tubes-worth of prints waiting on stand-by…so hopefully those who want one can get one!

Test Sheets! We’re randomly inserting a totally awesome and unique test-sheet with orders! A test sheet is like 4 posters flying at your optic nerve at ONCE! Truly a byproduct of the Silk-screen process, we run screens on scrap paper as we’re working on a project, and what you get is a random collage of color building up on a sheet of paper, until we judge that it’s ‘done’ and throw it on our stack of test sheets!  There’s an awful lot of the Unreal Estate 3′s screens that were in this crop, that made just crazy, haunting images!  I’m a big fan of the weird Blues Brothers sheets!

(FYI- no tube will have more than ONE test sheet in it, if at all!)


(Test Sheets!)

Starting somewhere between noon and 2pm CENTRAL TIME on TUESDAY NOVEMBER  18th, we’ll have tubes for purchase for $50 each. Each tube will have 5 prints in it-all suitable for framing. Some are considered ‘scratch/dent’ in that there’s minor printing flaws or a ‘soft’ corner, but nothing that won’t frame out.

The quick and dirty is this- you’ll get 5 random prints from Nakatomi artists past and present, and a shot at some really great bonus prints for $50- on theNakatomi site HERE. (right now, it’s not listed, but it will be there…)

test-sheet-2-700x525(MORE Test Sheets) 

So, what’s in the pool of awesome that you’ll have a shot at getting this time out?



“Hoth” Unreal Estate print by Timothy Doyle

“Hoth” from Doyle’s UnReal Estate Series will ONLY be available in this tube sale. Every tube ordered will get one.  This print will never be reprinted or available anywhere else- so if you pass this up, you’ll have to go to the after-market! (don’t do that!)


Including the above mentioned super-secret Tim Doyle print, we’ll have ONE copy of Bernie Wrightson’s ‘Dark as a Dungeon’ on metal- from an edition of 10! This print was only available to a super-small Facebook group, and we’re giving our last remaining copy away! This HEAVY print originally retailed for $150.


Two copies (from an edition of ONLY 2 WORLDWIDE) black and white variants of Doyle’s sold-out Blues Brothers print!


One copy of Bernie Wrightson’s Swamp Thing “Sunset” in this unique colorway- it’s the only one in existence!


Our LAST copy of the hand-embellished Black and White variant of Doyle’s official ‘BATMAN’ GCPD print!


9 line-art variants (from an edition of 9!) of Doyle’s 24×36 ‘Car Crash City’ print!


As if all of THIS wasn’t enough to get you pumped up, Tim is also releasing some original art!  Yep….we said “original art!


Original art from Doyle- Each of these would sell at a gallery for $300-600, and we’re JUST GIVING IT AWAY. We’ve got the original art from the Blues Brothers print, 2 Skrillex Gigposters, the Jackie Brown print from the original Quentin v. Coen art show in 2010, and ‘Bound Before Greyskull’ art from Gallery88’s He-Man show from 2009! There’s 7 pieces total going into this sale! These are all hand-drawn original pen and ink drawings on Bristol board.

Ok, so by now you are probably like we were….”HELL YES! I’m all over this!”  Well there is one secret weapon that Tim is pulling out of his arsenal and it relates back to a movie that we absolutely love!  You better sit down for this one because it will knock your socks off.


Tyler Stout’s Lost Boys print from 2007 !!!

We picked up this killer print from an old Mondo employee who needed to sell it, and we’re just GIVING it away to one lucky customer!  Aftermarket value on this baby tops out at $1700…dont’ say I didn’t ever give you guys nothing!

Well that seals the deal, this really IS “The Mystery Tube Sale To End Them All!”  If you want in on pure awesome, simply follow Tim on TWITTER for the exact drop time this TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 18th.


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